Formulator's Corner #06: Modern Immunity Supplement

Originally published at: Formulator’s Corner #06: Modern Immunity Supplement

Over the past two years, we’ve covered nearly a dozen immune system supplements here on The PricePlow Blog. However, although a couple have come close, none have nailed what we believe to be the optimal stack. In general, the recent wave of immunity supplements suffer from one or more of… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Glad to see the NAC issues touched on again, absolutely ridiculous that it’s standing as a supplement was ever challenged at all.

The fact that ACE inhibitors reduce the chances of contracting Covid-19 was a very interesting point. My own research after seeing that supported that fact. Great write up all around

Thanks Anthony! Yes, we’ll be covering the NAC saga heavily this upcoming year.

I also wanted to comment a shout-out, the brand with the closest support stack is Animal Immune Pak. You’ll see many of the same things, and I like how they have astragalus in theirs too.

Hope you’ve been well brother!

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