"For Research Purposes Only"

Posted this yesterday after it being on my mind for a few weeks. Would love to hear some of the more educated peoples feedback’s that hang on those forums.


Specifically, would love to hear from the attorney in the room @Matt_Towson lol

How about also calling out these companies that sponsor “Athletes” that are juiced to the gills. You don’t think that’s sends the wrong message to these impressionable consumers. Industry’s dirty, you’re going to need a bigger broom

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Sorry Ben, I missed yesterday’s IG live!

It’s all kinds of twisted. So long as the athletes admit their usage, I have no issue with it - but most will tell you to your face, it’s not the supplements that give them their physique.

You mean Phil Heath’s supplement line that he came out with AFTER he was a multi-time Mr. O ISN’T the secret to his success, and hasn’t been the whole time?

Lol if you buy all his supps and you work hard, you can be MR. O too, pinky swear

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Does that really bother you?

To me, gear and supplements are different parts of the puzzle. All the gear in the world won’t do much without the proper nutrition. I’ve seen it lol


Phil didn’t actually create Gifted Nutrition. Just saying…

Especially in powerlifting!

I don’t care if they inject rocket fuel directly into their nutsacks. But at least be honest with those that follow you on how you got to where your at . Industry is full of new world snake oil salesmen, taking advantage of those less educated. Only a few people have had the guts to call out the BS, your old boss being one. Even if he did only pick out the easiest of targets

Even better lol.

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