Flexatril for $6

Flexatril for $6


Bought the house, sold out now was a price glitch on a website.


so… you’re not sharing, but gloating that you scored that deal? :slight_smile:


Price changed back to $29.99
Was on NP


so that’s a yes to gloating


So everyone who got the cases of grenade bars for $2 on BB.com must be gloating too


nah, they told me about them, at the time.


I was waiting for my order to be canacelled which is usually the case when the deals are too good to be true. I have had that happen in the past.
The price was changed within an hour by the time people went to Purchase or saw the deal it would of been too late.

The sad thing is … flex is on the cutting block. I doubt we will see it much longer for such a great product


Stuff is SO good. I give my cats microlactin now. Just like McCandless formulated this originally for his big ol dog


He had a powdered version he was going to release but after he sold the company last April that got scrapped


I am guessing you’re reselling that with that amount



If anyone is on maui and wants one I will share.


Flexatril is easily one of my favorite products ever, and makes my joints feel like miracles even when I lift heavy. Since I took it before it was launched (in beta testing) I noticed a huge difference and relief, and since then have never stopped taking it.

Since this is going to be DC’d in the future this gives me a nice long supply to hold me over.


Should be forced to give away one bottle for gloating lol


I have given away 8 full sized products in the last 2 weeks…


I know my dude, just messing with you


I may need to try it out / pushing 50 and some days well…


Before I even beta tested Flexatril I was having a nagging elbow injury. To the point of putting a bar on my back for squats would cause it to flare up in pain. After loading the product for 2 weeks (6 caps), and then going back to maintenance (3 caps) almost all pain in my elbow was gone. To this day (over 2+ years ago) I have not had it flare back up ever since I started to take the product. That alone sold me after a few weeks and seeing pain go away that quick. I did not make any changes to my squat form or elbow positioning , but it worked quick. Granted not every supplement works as quick or effective from person to person, but I truly found it to shine on myself, and many others enjoy it. So if worst comes to worst grab a bottle or two and see what you think, if not you could try PES Genoflex, or SNS has a good joint product.


Thank you Just ordered it from Amazon / I appreciate the feedback


Make sure you load for 7-10 days (6 caps) then drop back to 3 that’s how mike had me do it when I started to and who formulated the product


Thank you / I’ll definitely do that