Finally Found Them!

I have been looking for these 2 flavors for awhile now… C4 in Frozen Bombsicle and Hyde Power Potion in Cherry Cola flavor. I did not want to buy a whole case of these things in case I don’t like them. I will be trying them this week. I found these individual cans at The Vitamin Shoppe.

Well damn, didn’t know you were looking for Hyde! Woulda sent you one of mine!

Oh yeah. Been hounding on it for awhile now to the solution…LOL He has heard me want it… Thanks though.

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they were post disappointing flavors to me.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I am the same way…LOL It seems most of the supplements that are hyped up to taste so good are disappointing. This is the reason why I was not going to waste money on buying a case of them when I don’t know if I like them or not. That is just dumb…LOL

I like Cherry Cola. It’s way more syrup-y cherry than cola, but I still like it personally.

Blue C4 carbonated… Ehh… It was okay. Just a blue raspberry, nothing too special, but not bad. Let us know what you think Brawn!

Blue raspberry ? Supposed to be bomb pop flavor…LOL I will let you know. I will try the C4 tonight at work.

I only had one, but really didn’t get any sort of bombsicle flavor from it that I remember. :frowning:

Cherry cola Hyde is the worst selling flavor by far. It’s a 7/11 slushee and diet cola mix with that syrup aftertaste. Hyde are sweet flavored as bang and c4 are heavier and denser in flavor. Some people swear by Hyde due to the fact the energy and focus are top notch of the major sellers

I personally love blue bombsicle it’s right up there with limeade from c4 cans. Snow cone in the ultimate Can is by far my favorite flavor. When I got to beta sample it at HQ over the summer everyone could not get enough of it

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The focus on Hyde is pretty intense, which is suprising given preworkouts with similar profiles don’t give that much energy and focus. It honest to god doesn’t make sense to me

Agree it packs a serious punch. When I talk to people this is how I break it down

Flavor - Bang
Energy and focus - Hyde
Well rounded - c4

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merica got the grape and apple flavors down, better than 90% of all Bangs

How’s the energy with 190mg caffeine? Compared to Bang or c4 since you had both.

Wish more companies did both of those flavors in amino and pre workout products those are 2 of my favorite

Have you seen them in a B&M?

NutraCharge Charged Amino has the best grape flavor I’ve ever had.

i am usually 2 cans of Rock Star a day, didn’t miss a beat, with two of these today.

the Freedom (rocket pop) flavor is not very good imo though

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suppz dot com

Let me know what you think when you try them all and how you rank them

Those haven’t made their way here yet. Doug Miller did say they would be sold in convenience stores.

Well, the C4 Frozen bombsicle tasted good, like a blue raspberry as was mentioned. It was decent.
The Hyde Cherry Cola, I was disappointed. It kind of had a medicinal taste to it. I wouldn’t buy it again.