Favorite RTD (my title is 2 short, lol)

Favorite RTD (my title is 2 short, lol)


I’m a huge fan of Bang, but recently tried Endo Rush by BSN, both the Fruit Punch and Blue Razz flavors, are superior to Bang’s version of those flavors, very much to my surprise.

Still can’t beat Bang’s Starblast on flavor or my very favorite energy drink flavor Rockstar Zero Watermelon.

What are your guys go to enrgy drink, or any RTD supplement?



And I’m no energy drink fan, but something about that stuff flat out works everytime I use it as my pre workout. Maybe it’s the “Super Creatine” in it…LOL


I’ll have to go with Bang - love Cotton Candy, Root Beer, Sour Heads, Star Blast the most, but maybe that’s because that’s the majority of what I tried. It must be the Super Creatine as Robert suggested lol.

As for something easier to find/cheaper - Rockstar Pure Zero Mandarin Orange flavor. Soooo good.


I wouldn’t call an energy drink a ready to drink. RTD’s are a protein blend for post workout. As for those, i don’t buy them. They taste terrible. I would rather drink whey when its fresh.


“ready to drink” is anything I can buy, open and drink, an energy drink is caffeine, which I consider an energy supplement.


Same philosophy here, which is why I wanted to include the Rockstar. The stuff provides a nice energy boost after a long day at work. I usually get a Rockstar when I don’t want to waste a Bang :wink:


I am on a Bang kick for now…I normally just have a cup of coffee for my 430pm pick me up. Need to fine a Bang Pina Colada here in Austin…


There’s nowhere that sells Bang near me, but I can get the Rockstar True Zero or whatever it’s called for 90 cents/pop at the commissary, so that’s my go-to, not sure if Bang would be worth all the extra money from ordering it online.

As for proteins, if I have to go shopping post-gym and don’t have time to swing by my house to get a post-training meal in, I either go for True Protein’s cans, which are pretty good, or the Bolthouse Farms protein smoothies, which are yummy and have a ton of sugar.


The original formula of this stuff kicked my ass a while back. I was like WTF just happened then realized each bottle had two servings in it.

Not sure what they’re up to now.

I’m too much of a saver to buy bottles at gas stations like you folk. Would rather pay for top tier talent like Robert and CJ (so then they go waste that money on RTDs, lol the irony)


Brain Candy by Biotest has been a ‘go-to’ forever


Pina Colada… it one of those flavors, i’ll either love it or hate it.


Bang def made its mark in 2017. They seriously ruined expos for me. The Olympia was obnoxious with 3 Bang booths all next to each other. Someone is going to get hurt in their crowd one of these days.

It’s still delicious. Excited for Power Potion from ProSupps.


(my title is 2 short, lol)

LOL d’oh! The minimum title length was 15 characters. Now it’s twelve, so that “Favorite RTD” will fit.

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