Favorite BIG protein bars

I’m going on vacation next month and need some BIG protein bars for a BIG afternoon snack. I need these to be somewhat healthy and have minimum 30g protein. I rarely buy protein bars but my favorite for this situation has always been Met-RX Protein Plus Bar - MET-Rx® | Protein Plus Bars | FREE 1-3 Day Delivery . I know there are a lot of options these days but not sure about the bigger bars. So let’s hear it!

My favorite was the original SinFit bars, which unlike now, had 30g of protein


Those are really good.

Big fan of Robert Irvine’s brand, Fit Crunch or something like that?

Peanut Butter flavor is the best, CnC is also very good.


PB FitCrunch would be my number 1 for the big bars,

Supreme PB and Jelly is fire in a big bar… this just ruined my day… I think they stopped making them.


Check out the BIG-O bars, I liked em. I tried a box of the Birthday Cake PB and the Fruit Cereal PB, and the birthday cake is much better. These are bigger than outright bars and I used them as a meal replacement when needed.


This is really something very useful discussion, got many options :grinning:

Thanks for everyone’s input. I bought a box each of Fit Crunch - CnC and Met-Rx Protein Plus - Peanut Butter Cup.


Yeah, exactly! I was also looking for some protein bars and learned about many here.