Fastest Way to Grow Muscle?

Hey Everyone, I have a very curious quick question on how I can grow muscle fast. I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and improving my physic is my next step. I want to use supplements. The real questions are should which supplements should I use? Should I start using more heavier lifts or should I just continue with the ones I have been using. It would be much appreciated if anybody that has experienced personal training can give their input. Thank you all!"

You grow muscle by being in a caloric surplus and progressive overload with your lifts.

Concentrate on multi-joint, compound lifts first.

Be consistent and give it time.

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The only supplements that really truly help are protein powders/bars (which are not special, you could get the same result from eating more meat), and creatine. Everything else is just kinda “for fun.”

Devin has it right. Eat enough to slowly gain weight (if you’re already fat and don’t want to gain any weight, eat to slowly lose weight, this is fine for brand new beginners, they’ll still gain muscle) and work on your heavy compound movements (bench press, deadlift, squat, overhead press) with just a sprinkle of “machines.”

It’s still not gonna be fast. When you see those people on YouTube and Tiktok with bodybuilder physiques who say “this is after one year of training with a dirty bulk” they’re lying or using anabolic steroids, that’s just the truth of it.

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I’d highly recommend listening to the following Podcasts: MindPump, Joe DeFranco or Jason Ferruggia…And go in with the mindset that nothing happens that fast…it takes time and patience. There is no magic bullet.

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Thank you all so much for your information on the supplements. I’m definitely excited to explore all these options more in-depth. I ran across an article talking about certification in personal training here NCSF CPT Certification Review (2021) - How Does it Compare?. Do you guys think when getting a personal trainer I should ask if he is certified? I’d love to hear your input on that. Thank you!

Absolutely yes…
Be sure your trainer is certified, and has worked with actual clients

Are their certificates issued out that I can ask for and also is there a way to confirm if they are legit?

If you really wanna grow your muscle quickly then you should take protein supplements because it helps you to grow your muscles quickly.

Unless you’re training properly, protein on its own won’t do much

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