EVLTEST Brings EVL's Advanced D-Aspartic Acid to Powder Form!

EVLTEST Brings EVL's Advanced D-Aspartic Acid to Powder Form!


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Testosterone boosters are a marketing minefield. We love them for what they do, but they need to be approached reasonably and discussed responsibly. Some ingredients work best for older folk, and others work great for everyone in short spurts of time. If we can be honest about that, we can… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Haven’t the only studies on healthy young resistance-trained individuals found that DAA, at best, has no effect on testosterone levels, body composition, or muscle strength, and, at worst (at 6g/day) actually decreases testosterone?

I’d say that DAA may have some use for older people and/or people with low-testosterone levels, but I do not think it’s likely that using 3g/day DAA for 2 weeks, or any period of time, is going to have any real benefits for healthy young resistance-trained individuals. Perhaps after PCT, not replacing an actual SERM of course, since you’d technically have low-T levels after a cycle, but that’s it really IMO.


I agree that DAA might be useful for low test levels. And I mean really low, like right after a cycle when you are suppressed.
But not much to support it for regular test boosters. Other than it being a popular and well known ingredient that people have heard works.