ETHIX: Where Efficacy, Transparency, Honesty & Innovation Cross - New Brand from NutraBio!

ETHIX: Where Efficacy, Transparency, Honesty & Innovation Cross - New Brand from NutraBio!

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Powered by the team at NutraBio, ETHIX is a completely new brand that really stands for something! After a monstrous first half of 2019, where NutraBio launched a new supplement or flavor every Friday for six months (see our NutraBio News Feed to see), Mark Glazier and his team are… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Very excited for this

Super excited for this as well!

Is the stim-free pre-workout different than the pump powder nutrabio was working on or is it the same product just going to be launched under Ethix?

If i’m not mistaken, different


We can hope, I love mixing in pump based pre’s to keep my caffeine tolerance reasonable.

I would imagine they would be two different things, because if that were the case, then what would really set apart Pre Extreme from the High Stim preworkout coming from ETHIX? ETHIX is going to be exclusively sold in Brick and Mortar

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@Kon_Rock is Reload getting any love this year? Maybe the blue raz or Cherry Flavor, full 5g of Creatine, etc?

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Yes, Completely different product

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We just came out with it in Grape Berry Crush. Not sure on the other flavors you mentioned. And almost for sure a No on the full 5gm, because we have 3.5g in our PRE. And under the Ethix Brand we are coming out with something along that line.

Hate grape flavored things :slightly_frowning_face:, will have to stick to the orange mango. We’ll see what Ethix brings

This is completely different then normal grape…I would send you a sample but we are completely out samples at the moment.

Ha, very polarizing flavor. Love the classic artificial grape taste of Faygo personally, but also white grape flavors are great too. MuscleTech had a white grape amino product back in the day that was insane

How about the strawberry lemon bomb? Are to go packs being made for that? Need a second flavor to mix it up


In stock for intra blast

If you search the product individually you can see if there is the flavor your looking for

Intra blast
Alpha EAA

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