Eria Jarensis Extract / N-phenethyl dimethylamine: The Next Big Thing?

#fancybox-close{right:-15px;top:-15px} div#fancybox-content{border-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-title{background-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-outer{background-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-title-inside{color:#333333} Here in the sports nutrition industry, we’re always looking for the “Next Big Stimulant”. Something to take you to the next level. Here in the summer of 2015, that next compound may have arrived, by way of N-Phenyldimethylamine or N,N-Dimethylphenethylamine, a constituent of Eria Jarensis …
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Believe N-phenethyl dimethylamine may be the same added synthetic ingredient to the so-called Eria Jarensis Extract. We are not able to find any information on it, and it is definitely not available from Chinese plants since I am in China. As a manufacturer of raw ingredients to sports nutrition, we are not able to find it anywhere.

Did synmr provide a CAS #?

It’s synthetic version N,N-DMPEA
Naturally not possible