Epicatechin – The Dark Force Behind Dark Chocolate

For years, we’ve continually heard that dark chocolate is one of Mother Nature’s true superfoods. Yet every article and daytime TV show we see just never seems to have enough convincing science explaining why you should take it seriously. The reason chocolate is so medically exciting is because of epicatechin, …
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Very interesting post guys. Will be interesting to see how this affects 2015. Might give Magnitropin a run.

Today is my last day on a two month run of Magnitropin stacked with Alphadex. Results have been quite good and I have a question. For the active ingredient here, how would using organic cacao powder added to a post workout shake do? Seems like it would be a great way to really get the most of the active ingredient without it being added to sugars and other processes. Also I was wondering what % of the powder would be the active ingredient so I will know how much to add to a post workout shake, Great article as always and great info. I recently found that the pure powder can be bought in one pound bags for 15 to less than 10 bucks.

Great question. I don't have a perfect answer for you, but for the general health benefits discussed above, getting 40g of quality, 85% dark chocolate is beneficial. So let's just say 40g of powder.

To start getting any anabolic potential, you might need to say double that, which puts you at like a CUP of powder a day. Quite a bit! But that's also where they started seeing the other benefits, like the LDL cholesterol study (which used 100g of dark chocolate).

It's ultimately gonna depend on the quality of the cocoa too. So... those are some guesses, but it's too hard to give a definitive answer. Maybe you can contact some cocoa suppliers and see if they're willing to share any flavonol content data.

Thanks. I will continue to look into it. Really hoping some company will just go ahead and release a pure epicatechin supplement pill with an effective dose for a reasonable price. I just saw that MAN is releasing a new supp with 100mg in it so I may look at that as well.

As a follow up, with all I have just been reading about Ep1c Unleashed, I believe I will also give that one a try. 300mg per pill is quite a good bit and it isn't anything unnatural.

Just a note. For correct use of epicatechin, you need a phase 1 and phase 2 metabolism that's gut wall and liver. The metabolites are the bio active which enhances nitric oxide. Conclusion... Bioavailability enhancers can eliminate phase 1 metabolism and don't work! Just a bit of science!

Hi. Does anyone know how Enjoy Life Dark Chocolate bars compare to the ones listed?

What about just taking a daily tsp of 100% cocoa powder? Would that do the trick?