Epi-Plex Log

Epi-Plex Log


Here’s the intro to my Epi-Plex log, going to be starting this today, as @SNSJS was kind enough to send over a bottle. Daily updates will be available, pictures with vascularity, the works. Any and all suggestions are not only welcome, but quite needed to help them get the best information.
PricePlow writeup on Epi-Plex: https://blog.priceplow.com/supplement-news/cel-epi-plex
PricePlow Writeup on the active ingredient: https://blog.priceplow.com/epicatechin

Muscle-Elements Post Pro America Pop is Here....who wants some?

Subbed and interested in you routine.


Unfortunately, not much to say today, took 2 capsules with my pre-workout, Pre-Cre XS, 30 minutes prior to training, one of my lighter PWO’s frankly. Did legs today, but hard to gauge the affects of the Epi, as I had volleyball for 3 hours prior to training, leaving me wiped for the most part. Regardless, the workout was better than I could have possibly hoped for considering how beat I was. Here was my quick routine:
10setsx10reps Pause Squats with 135lbs, minute rest in between sets, absolutely killer
3x8 each leg split squats, 95 on smith machine
4x15 leg ext. 90lbs
2x10 stiff legged deadlifts 135lbs
2x5 SLD 225lbs
3x15each leg reverse lunges w/ 30lb DB’s
Finished with a calf burnout on seated extensions, 50lbs AMRAP

Chest tomorrow, going to be fully rested so I’ll have a much better idea what this product’s effects feel like


Subbed as well. I’ll be watching.


Day 2: Chest
Killer session today, rocked a scoop of Nutrabio Pre with two capsules of Epi. Endurance was through the roof, felt great for an hour and a half of solid work. Pumps were nasty, shoulder vascularity was visible with pretty terrible lighting in the gym, going to contribute that to the Epi and well dosed Pre. Unfortunately I’m at PF while on break, so no powerlifting today, or decline work :frowning:
Here’s a rundown of what the day looked like:
5 minute jog to get the blood flowing
Light weight on the pec-deck to stretch out
Little rotator cuff work to get it stretched

Working sets:
3x8 flat bench 75lb DB press
5x10 60lbs
3x15 50lbs
3x10 Slight incline press 50lbs
3x15 45lbs
4xAMRAP Chest Press 100lbs
3xAMRAP Eccentric focused dips

This was around the peak of the workout, pump was great, endurance felt better than usual

5x12 Incline Hammer Press 50lbs
3x10 50lbs DB pullovers, elbows tight for less lat, more upper chest emphasis
Pec Deck 4x10 Slow, eccentric movements, utilizing half reps to really that occlusion zone in the pec

Finished off with a medley of cable work, always starting the cables high to work that low chest. Supersetted the following in a dozen different ways to get that last burnout:
Scorpion Cuts
Low flyes


Nice work.


Forgot to log my back/shoulder day yesterday so here we are. Roads were awful so I stayed home and did some work in my gym here. Preworkout was a scoop of old label HyperMax and 2 Epi caps.

Warmup on the treadmill for 5 minutes
Couple rotator cuff warmups and stretches

Working sets:
5x10 Wide grip pulldowns
5x8 T-Bar rows
5x12-15 Overhand grip barbell rows
3x12-15 Undergand grip rows
4x15 Single arm DB rows
3x10 Close grip pulldowns
Dropset of Double DB Shoulder Press
5x15 DB side lateral raises
5x20 Posterier delt reverse flyes, controlled eccentric reps
3x10 Front raises
2x15 eccentric side lateral raises w/ thera-band
2x20 eccentric diagonal raises w/ Thera-band

1x10 Heavy shrugs with Hex bar


Overall, pump was great, shoulder vascularity more prominent than usual, and endurance was better despite minimal caloric intake


Same routine for legs again, just ran the 10x10 with 150lbs instead. Best leg pump of my life, skin felt like it was splitting


Started the year off right- CHEST DAY
Best volume day of my life for chest, absolutely murdered the heaviest DB’s at the gym on press, coupled with some killer AC/DC to fuel my workout. Pre-workout was the usual 2 caps and my last scoop of the Nutrabio Pre sample I received. Best chest pump of my life.

5x10 flat bench 75lb DB press
4x12 60lbs
3x20 50lbs
4xAMRAP Chest Press 100lbs
3xAMRAP Eccentric focused dips
3x15 Incline Hammer Press 50lbs
2x10 55lbs
4x12 50lbs DB pullovers, elbows tight for less lat, more upper chest emphasis
Pec Deck 3x12 Slow, eccentric movements, utilizing half reps to really that occlusion zone in the pec

Finished with my usual cable work, utilizing them to finish and tear up every last part of that pec. Looking forward to arms tomorrow, back in my school gym


Tuesday: Arms
Scoop of Nutrabio PRE and two caps of my Epi. Overall, work was great, best arm day I’ve had yet. I was so hyped and in the zone I more or less just freestyled, so don’t really have a workout plan to go off of. However, I’ll say the bicep pump was the best I’ve experienced, first time in awhile that it really felt like my skin was splitting. Vascularity through the roof as usual, even some shoulder veins going pretty well. Up to this point, I can certainly tell a difference in the vascular side of things, cannot speak for new muscle growth yet that I can attribute to the product. Looking forward to the coming weeks of work


Are you noticing any boost in endurance?


Without a doubt, I would say that’s the most prominent effect, with pump increasing effects being the second most prevalent


I felt the most prominent effect of this product during my powerlifting work, surprisingly enough. Working 2x BW deadlifts, I was able to bang out 3-4 more reps that I generally expected, and even smacked my old deadlift PR up by 10 pounds. The effects of this product seem to be cumulative, as they become more obvious as I continue using it. Loving Epi thus far


Went ahead and ran a week with this product, schedule was all the same, just keep upping the weight for that progressive overload. So here’s an overall update:
Most notable, the endurance for the workout is most noticeable. I can run an hour and a half workout with nice intensity like I never could before.
Next, the pump longevity is noticeable. Especially for arms, no matter how much citrulline or agmatine I pump into myself, I can keep an arm pump longer than about an hour, until now. The amount of time I can sustain pumps is much longer
More so on the pump side, pumps are more intense, skin splitting for every muscle group.

This week has been the best I’ve had in awhile for lifting, and it’s safe to say it’s due to the Epi-Plex, as it’s the only real variable that has changed. Great product!