Ephedra Fat Burners: How are they still around?

It’s 2017, and something interesting’s happening at several reputable online nutrition stores: an ephedra-based fat burner named Lipodrene remains high on the lists of best-sellers — over a decade after ephedra was apparently banned by the FDA. What’s going on here? How is ephedra still out there after so many …
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Again, Mike fantastic article with awesome information. I have been curious about these products and will give one a try (of course through the priceplow widget).

I know including this won't help your sales, but in case you didn't know: Ephedrine (the banned alkaloid) is available over the counter, sold as Bronkaid and Primatine (the former is more cost effective).

The only other ingredients is guansefarin (sp?), a harmless expellant.

Disregard my comment, I hadn't finished reading when I posted the comment.

Fantastic article, I apologize

LOL no problem, thanks!! It varies by area - some people have trouble finding ephedrine and this seems to be the next best thing. And others (many of our readers) just want to buy stuff online and not have to deal with a pharmacist...!

I want my Xenedrine, you federal asshole fucks.

You can still get it in the UK, through different sites. Most of them are rubbish but there is one that still can get really good 30mgs tabs

Skip the supplements, they never contain the active ingredient in the dosage the box claims since the industry is wholely unregulated. You can buy FDA approved ephedrine (not the inferior ephedra) at any pharmacy in the US: just go to the pharmacy counter and ask for Primatine.