Energy Drink Review 2018: ProSupps Hyde Power Potion (Better Than BANG Energy?)

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I really want to try that Cherry Cola flavor. Can you buy just 1 can anywhere ?

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Puprle > Island > Cherry Cola
Most people will tell you this when you compare it to a bang

Stronger Flavor
Stronger Carbonation

Better Energy
Longer Lasting Energy
Less Carbonation
Less Bloat/ Digests easier

really comes down to what you want in an energy drink. The price point is better then Bang too at around $1.35/Can and around $21.60 A case of 16 cans.

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my local Vitamin Shoppe has them

Are you sensitive to carbonated beverages? I don’t think I’ve ever noticed bloat from bangs before. Bang has the longest flavor line up out of any of the energy drinks, but what Prosupps does have is pretty solid so far. Excited to try the new ones

I have sold over a hundred cases of Hyde to comsumers, so I am taking what others note and what I found when comparing the two.

Hyde digests far essier, but not everyone can handle carbonation the same. To some it bloats them and to others it does not phase them.

When comparing the two:
Stronger flavor , more carbonation and added creatine then buy bang

Sweeter flavoring , stronger stim, much longer focus and energy , added LCLT and citrulline then go Hyde.

Most people chase flavor when buying products hence why Bang has dominated the market, for someone who wants to buy an energy drink for energy and longer lasting energy Hyde is the buy. Especially because it’s cheaper then bang per Can and Case.

I like both, but Hyde is def. for people who have a sweet-tooth. I really like the Cherry Cola one, with Purple being just on par with it. Energy is certainly better than Bang. I’ve found that people who find it too sweet at first, tend to get used to it and end up enjoying it.

I honestly think Hyde kills it with energy, I’ve never gotten too much out of bang, even after a long stim break