EAS Supplements No More: A Myoplex Post-Mortem

EAS Supplements No More: A Myoplex Post-Mortem


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A “promise for life”… unless your name is EAS. Consider the following: you recently ran out of protein powder and you need a quick fix. You walk to the CVS at the corner; in the supplement aisle, a familiar purple case blesses your eye. For a fair price, you walk… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Very sad…


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The current question is why no “Garage Sale” of the brand? We’ll probably learn the tax implications of this in the next earnings report to answer that


I wonder what they would want for the rights to the Myoplex name. If you had the capital it would be a nice name to own if entering the thunderdome known as the supplement industry. It just goes to show that there is no such thing as “too big to fail,” even though I would not call this a classic failure but to take a juggernaut and allow it to sort of die is simply sad. Why do these companies buy a $320 million dollar company if they are not interested in actually successfully running it? Abbott obviously does not care but I doubt they expect their other holdings to simply run themselves profitably so why would this, yes smaller holding relatively speaking, be any different? Oh, well more market share for those who actually desire it and are willing to work for it.

I am an extremely nostalgic individual but EAS burned me when I entered their retailer challenge and made a transformation that would have given me a legit chance at winning based on other challenge contest winners and they NEVER announced a winner and NEVER answered a single email asking to see proof that they announced a winner. I did receive a participation award so I know they received my entry.

When are these giants of industry going to realize that they simply do not belong in our industry?


To be fair, that was well over a dozen years ago. Not everyone has the same plans for that long! They had to go through the DMAA era and the amino acid spiking era, both of which left a company like them out in the cold.

Meanwhile, diet demographics moved against their flagship in Myoplex and they got stuck in an “Innovator’s Dilemma” type situation --> Change Mypolex to go low-carb / no maltodextrin and you lose your current demographic… but don’t change and you lose the future demographic. So they put out the AdvantEdge low carb series, but it wasn’t Myoplex and I don’t think much of their low-carb / no-maltodextrin stuff ever took off.


I agree it was not a overnight dumpster fire(I really love that phrase lol.) I am surprised they did not use Myoplex for the low carb line and keep Myoplex Original or Classic or Gold or something along those line. They did have the feel of a company that simply did not change with the times I will agree with that. DMAA really skewed peoples ability to judge pre’s. Anytime you introduce a powerful stimulant in to your life the more basic stuff never really kicks the same again. All one has to do is watch Red Bull and coffee consumption at a drug recovery meeting to see people still trying desperately to pick themselves up after basically burning the legal stimulation bridge. It is sad to see it go but in all honesty I never really bought it anyways and even when they were at their peak I choose other options.