Dymatize VINDICATED – Elite Whey and ISO-100 Test Clean!

Dymatize VINDICATED – Elite Whey and ISO-100 Test Clean!


MAJOR UPDATE – May 14, 2013 – American Dymatize Elite XT samples have tested clean! This has turned out to be a counterfeiting issue in Europe. Customers outside of Europe will be fine, but we are not yet sure how to verify European tubs. WARNING: We have a critical update …
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Just wondering if you have gotten any updates....


Interesting article and can't refute the results of the tests done but I'd like to say that the most recent 9 week, shredding diet I did included Iso-100 Vanilla and Chocolate and I still shredded up like a mofo!! Just sayin! ;-)


thank you for the truth, I use to use dymatize, elite XL brand.


Just curious as to why the plugs for MTS and Cellucor at the end?....


Great blog post, bro. It was a good read. Looking forward to your confirmation for the u.s samples.


Simply because I trust them. Marc Lobliner from MTS is the man and I have rolled with him several times, and Cellucor is a better replacement for Europe -- where the real problem is -- since they have an international presence.

Many people reading would likely ask "now what?" so they deserve an answer.

If you are asking if it's profit-driven, the answer is no. If someone bought MTS through our website, we'd actually make less than had they bought Dymatize. Same goes for Cellucor, depending on the product.


We're hoping that the US stuff has all been well and good and that nothing you touched was part of this ordeal... I was a huge fan of ISO-100 too.


I think the results aren't so reliable.

Istaori WP2X Vanilla Contains 14.24 grams of carbs and the label claims 7.00g so the company migimnasio said that is a green stamp WTF?

There are a lot of examples that analisis show have the double quantity of carbs claims, Starlabs Nutrition WP8 as well.

8.22 carbs vs 15.81 carbs


The company says that these proteins are good with green stamp. Has they a particular interest to break down Dymatize market? I don't know...


I've found more mistakes in CTAEX's analysis.

For example pay atention reading the Carnivor analysis:


a) The first and second page show diferentes values for the same test.
b) The values for label claim for carbohydrates are wrong

Resumen this picture: http://s16.postimg.org/9vf1...

I've taken the label values from a GNC pdf label.


and another week goes by without an update...


OSUNASPORT SL (MASmusculo.com) was arrested by Spanish police in 2010 for counterfeiting American supplement .

Dymatize knows that your spanish dealer OSUNASPORT SL was arrested by the police but looking the other way...now again his dealer name, MASmusculo.com/OSUNASPORT SL appears again, behind this fraud from Dymatize.


- News of Spanish Police Operation to OsunaSport / Masmusculo:


- Video of Spanish Police Operation to OsunaSport / Masmusculo:


- Press online about Police Operation to OsunaSport / Masmusculo:



Not yet. It takes at least a week to get them in!


Yup, disappointed here too.

Considering finding a lab that can do this with a proper chain of custody.


Incredible!!!, Look as that the commentator KEV, who criticizes to the retailer Migimnasio that published the fraud of the Dymatize products in Spain, is a worker of Masmusculo/Osuna Sport SL concretely his web designer. See the image of his Gravatar´s profile and the image of his Facebook profile, it is the same:



Confirmed the employees of Masmusculo/OSUNA SPORT SL are a SCAMMERS!!


I recently bought a tub of 5lbs ELITE WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE mint choc from an ebay shop seller called "easy-supplements". When it arrived it looked like every other tub i have had of this protein however on closer inspection I noticed that there was no lot#, manufacture date or expiry date anywere on the tub, and like I said I have gone through about 20 tubs of this particular protein in the past so I know it is always stamped or printed just under the sticker label on the lower rim of the tub, so with that I contacted the seller and was politely fobbed off with an excuse saying that the sticker with that info probably fell off in transit!!! Bullshit.. so when I told the seller that I have used this product for a long time and informed him that there is no sticker with the expiry info used on these tubes cos its printed on the tub along with the lot# and manufacture date, he then didnt respond for over a week, so I send another message saying I suspect its an expired product or worse still a fake, he then replies saying there are no more of this product in there warehouse so theres no way to check and asks me to send the tub back for a refund, btw there is also no hologram on the tub either.


LOL Bullshit. Dymatize is trying really hard to cover up this scam exposure. Truth is, it's cheap BECAUSE ITS CHEAP PROTEIN. Test results have even shown traces of mice feces in their products. You get what you pay for. Remember that. Never buy Dymatize.


OSUNA SPORT SL is behind of yours online stores Masmusculo.com or Moremuscle.com and his distributor and your team was previously
arrested in 2010 by the spanish police in an operation against counterfeit


Dymatize Inc. are stupid for allowing their brand is distributed through a habitual delinquent as Osuna Sport SL. already involved in police operations relating to counterfeits .