Dymatize ISO100 Overview

Dymatize ISO100:

Since we have been chatting about this on the forums over a few topics, I wanted to share some information on Dymatize ISO100. I noticed there wasn’t much info out there on the forums, so I hope this will answer some questions or concerns people may have on the product.

For those unfamiliar, ISO100 is arguably Dymatize’s cornerstone product. It is a hydrolyzed whey isolate and top of class in this department.

The last two years, Dymatize added a few flavors to its lineup with: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Coconut. I genuinely think they reformulated the taste as well, because ISO100 tastes better now than it did 4-5 years ago, before the company re-branded itself.

Highlights for this protein:

  • 5.5g of BCAAs (2.7g of Leucine)
  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate
  • 1g of Sugar
  • 5mg of Cholesterol (felt this was worth listing in light of recent forum posts)

Quick Review:

This is a mainstay protein for me. I don’t necessarily prefer a hydrolyzed whey isolate, but it’s great for fast digestion. Because it digests so quickly, you can eat relatively quick after taking ISO100, if it is your post workout protein.

I prefer the Chocolate Peanut Butter or Peanut Butter flavors. They are both extremely well balanced, with the perfect sweet to salty taste ratio. Peanut Butter tastes like a liquefied Nutter Butter and the Chocolate Peanut Butter tastes like a peanut butter cup (not necessarily Reeces though).

They are extremely tasty mixed with water or milk. This makes it a great “on the go” protein. I prefer to blend my protein with cashew milk and ice (you guys know that already) but this is fantastic even if shaken in a bottle with water from the gym fountain.

I wish Dymatize listed out the amino acid profile exactly, but they do list out the numbers of grams for BCAAs (5.5g) and other EAAs besides the mentioned BCAAs (6.3g). It also has 4.4g of Glutamine, 2.4g of CEAAs, and 6.5g of non-EAAs.

The only proteins used are hydrolyzed whey protein and whey isolates. There are zero traces of whey concentrate. What I love about this protein is that there is naturally sweetened version which uses Stevia and tastes equally as good as the non-natural product.


Since there were some questions about ISO100 and it seemed like not everyone has had a chance to try it, I wanted to show the product some love. It definitely deserves it.

If you love great tasting whey isolates with a good amino acid profile, then ISO100 is worth trying. I recommend Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, or Fudge Brownie.


This is the only flavor I’ve tried and I must agree with this statement 100%

I love iso-100. I wish it wasn’t hydrolyzed whey or I would buy it more often.

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Have not had Dymatize in a few years because I thought they were under fire for amino spiking the proteins…maybe I am wrong though. I did use to love the Cinnamon Bun Casein for making sludge bowls.

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ISO100 is fantastic!!

My faves are Rocky Road, Orange Dreamsicle and Fudge Brownie

Honorable mention: Chocolate Coconut

My least favorite: Birthday Cake

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