Dymatize Elite XT - 4 Lbs. (Banana Nut) for $42.49 (B1G1 FREE) at Amazon! [EXPIRED]

Dymatize Elite XT - 4 Lbs. (Banana Nut) for $42.49 (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE) at Amazon!

Comment from PricePlow

With Elite XT, you get 40g protein per dollar once it drops a bit under $28. With MCTs (which are more stable), it won’t go bad as soon as other products with fats added.

Who wants to try the banana nut flavor?

Deal Criteria for Dymatize Elite XT:

  • Price Per Unit to get on Deals Page: $6.75 per Lb.
  • Price Per Unit to generate email blast: $6.00 per Lb.

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