Dymatize All 9 Aminos Review

Dymatize All 9 Aminos Review


Dymatize All 9 Amino’s Review


Jolly Green Apple – If you know me I am a diehard green apple fan. This flavor was everything I wanted in a green apple. From the first sip the tartness is perfect like a granny smith apple. The aftertaste provides the luscious green apple sweetness that put the icing on the cake. This is identical to green jolly ranchers.

Cola Lime Twist –After taking a few sips this was a replica of a diet coca cola with lime. The only difference is there is no carbonation and it has an overpowering lime flavor. As I continued to sip on the product it gave me flashbacks of the green suckers you would get at a bank. I found this similar to the twisted limeade c4 carbonated energy drink with a touch of cola in the aftertaste. This was the most distinctive flavor out of the bunch.

Fruit Fusion Rush – To me this was a fruit punch with a unique twist. At first you get a bold strawberry initial taste, which is then mixed with melon, honeydew, and apple. The combination of flavors, and the density of the flavor make this extremely refreshing. While fruit punch is a very saturated flavor on the market Dymatize hit the nail on the head.

Orange Cranberry – When I first read orange and cranberry I thought to myself what a different combination. The orange was the dominant flavor that reminded me of tang. With how pure the orange flavoring was it muted the cranberry aftertaste. If you would have blindfolded me I would of thought this was Orange Crush, or Orange Tangerine

Juicy Watermelon – Watermelon from Dymatize is not very strong, but packs enough flavor to make it long lasting on your taste buds. Compared to the other flavors of all 9 amino’s I found it was not up to par with density. Many companies try to make their watermelon overly sweet, but Dymatize went with a different approach. The subdued flavor is great for those who want a light flavored product.


The Dymatize All 9 Amino’s are very light, and mixes with ease. Upon shaking 5-10 times it is almost fully dissolved. I mixed 1 scoop of Dymatize All 9 Amino’s in 12-24oz of water. The flavoring and taste was very strong, so for those who like to dilute your BCAA’s/EAA’s I would suggest 16-20oz per scoop. With how strong the flavoring is this would be very enjoyable to sip during training or between meals.


Per Scoop:

Calories ~ 20

7.2g BCAA’s

2.8g EAA’s

Vitamin B6/B12 (Increase Energy/Improve metabolism)

200mg Coconut Water Fruit Powder (Hydration)


Open Label

Flavoring is incredible

~10g of BCAA/EAA’s which is a very high dose

Price per serving is very affordable


Dymatize All 9 Amino’s are $28 for 30 servings. Given this is under $1 a serving that is very competitive on the supplement market. A few outstanding deals I saw were: -

  • Dymatize Whey + FREE All 9 Amino’s for $26.99

  • Dymatize Bundle For Whey, All 9 Amino’s, and PRE for $58.

If you keep your eye out you can get this for a very affordable price and as low as 50 cents or cheaper a serving. Given this is a BCAA/EAA Blend, and the flavoring is top tier as expected from Dymatize I highly suggest this product


Does 200mg coconut water powder really help much? No idea what a solid dose is with that


Seems a bit low at 200mg
500mg in Kaged Muscle HydraCharge
In a blend (Alpha Amino Ultimate)
Two products that popped off my head that include it.


MTS Machine Fuel includes 2000mg. Redcon1 Breach includes 1000mg


The difference being that Machine Fuel is only comprised of BCAA’s not EAA’s as well correct?


Correct. Machine Fuel and Breach are only BCAA products. The addition of this ingredient should have no effect on whichever aminos are included.


True true…I’m thinking that it would be Genius to include EAA’s…ahem


You truly are a master at word play


You mention open label but all the aminos are wrapped up in two blends on the label posted. Are the BCAAs the standard 2:1:1? Are the doses of the other six individually listed somewhere on the tub?


Personally, I don’t really care about the addition of EAAs. Most of the marketed EAA products are still 70%+ BCAAs. If I was really concerned about consuming all the essential aminos, I would have some whey or eat some food.


Thank you NN @Devin_Foley missed the joke


I got the joke Bill. :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t think it’s “Genius” to jump on a bandwagon because of the one referenced study that most people point to. In the grand scheme of things, free form amino acids have minimal effect on a person’s overall success. If they are not training hard and eating correctly for multiple years, taking a complete EAA or standalone BCAA supplement once or twice a day is going to make little to no difference.


Why so serious Devin.

Well let’s face it supplements alone do little…