DVST8 WORLDWIDEWIDEWIDE! | Inspired Nutraceuticals

DVST8 WORLDWIDEWIDEWIDE! | Inspired Nutraceuticals

Outside of taste / thoughts on using it in the gym? Have you used it yet? Thank you

You didn’t ask me, but I’ll throw in my 2 cents. It’s actually very enjoyable and versatile. More tame energy than the other DVST8 products over the years, and of course the Arginine Nitrate is nice as well.


I’m glad you chimed in, thank you. Tame energy is good…that mixed with good pumps and I’m good to go. Thank you @Clipper83

x2 on tamer than before. Used this for an upper body workout and was very pleased with energy AND pump.

Thank you…

I’m attempting to cut back a little in the stim department (if at all possible)

Honestly- I’d recommend their FSU and pick up some 100mg caffeine capsules.

Only use the caffeine if you need, the FSU is loaded with awesome nootropics


I have FSU and I like it. That’s a great suggestion.