DVST8 Of The Union Pre (reviews?)

Hey guys. Just looked at the formula and I have to say it looks great.

I would only add betaine anhydrous, taurine and maybe change the extended release caffeine for neurofactor or caffeine citrate in my humble opinion.

As many users here have said here before, I like a pre that does the job and gets out of my body in a logic time.

Any reviews? I am thinking of buying it as soon as international private delivery returns to Argentina.

Thank you, stay safe.

Definitely a very nice formula. Haven’t used it personally, but never been let down by Inspired…except by their flavoring… :nauseated_face:


@Extrabeef might be able to speak to this formula’s effects along with Justin Hall over at https://www.instagram.com/supplementsnoop/


have had it a few times, like the feeling. It’s very similar to Glaxon’s Specimen (look at the choline blend, yo-yo blend) but lower stim.

Endurance athletes or strength athletes with long sessions would enjoy this most, but obviously don’t expect a huge pump if that is the goal