Dust Extreme 2017 – DMAA Returns and All is Right at Blackstone!

Blackstone Labs has had an interesting few months recently to say the least, but the the beast is back! First, they discontinued their previous DMAA version of their hard-hitting, high powered pre workout Dust Extreme due to a raid from the Feds. BSL fans were left scrambling to figure out …
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Interesting to see if these companies that are beginning to use DMAA again are going to "kick in" some money to High Tech for fighting for the right to use DMAA. Me personally, I will only use a "high tech brand" because they are taking all the risk and putting in the money to defend the ingredient.

The original lable on stack3d showed 5mg of Arcofuel, so I guess it was removed. You guys have anything to do with that?

You'd have to ask them, but that was removed long ago. Obviously we weren't fans of that when marketed towards the general consumer (via celebrities).

The next versions of their stuff had "OrchiLean" from orchid (cymbidium goeringii), but we can't find ANYTHING in that plant that would make it "3x stronger than DMAA" like the marketing said. That one just seems like an adaptogenic herb at best... but we never got around to writing about that one. It's not in here either.

There will be no more DMAA ...... What products have DMAA TODAYYY

Here's our complete list:


No DMAA? I don't want it. WT actual F ? Noooooooo! Why?
Why was the reason for this nonsense not provided in the article?
You are not, "back in the game."

It's baaaack!

glutamate, I see what you did there ;)