Dozer by Axe n Sledge

I decided to pick up Dozer and try it out, to support Axe n Sledge since they are a local company and I really enjoy HomeMade. However, I have taken it twice and both times it causes me to get really hot and keeps me awake tossing and turning all night. Does anyone have any idea what can be causing this? I mean I have taken quite a few sleep aids in my time and never had this issue.


I know tyrosine gives some people energy, so perhaps that’s keeping you up. It’s not usually associated with any warm feeling though.


I can’t imagine any company putting tyrosine in a sleep aid. Especially at that dose. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I took this product. Tyrosine wires my brain harder than caffeine.

A bit disappointed with Axe and Sledge on this formula.

It’s the GABA, it can cause nervous and respiratory system irritation.

ahhh it is the Tyrosine!!! Crazy… def not GABA for me, I do great with GABA. well that is disappointing for sure!

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