Don't freak out about Sugar

Don't freak out about Sugar


Here is a cool study that Layne Norton brought to my attention. It’s a study to prove that as long as calories are in a deficit, remember, calorie deficit is the reason a person loses weight! The diet doesn’t matter unless you are in a deficit. This study showed that people who ate a lot of sugar along with people who didn’t lost equal weight and their blood work was just as good. Im not saying eat a sugar diet but I think people tend to think its the devil and never, ever eat it. Now I am talking the majority of people who have no diabetes issues and are healthy. I wanted to get that out before I get bashed on this post. I thought this was very interesting…


I want to bookmark this forever so I can link it to those in my Facebook feed that make a random post (not directed at me) crying and complaining that “those low fat foods actually make you fatter”.


Would love to see the full text here, but what I see from this is that over-eating carbs in general is the problem for most obese individuals.

That diet is a one-way ticket to skinny-fat.


Show them this too…:slight_smile:


I’m curious about the full text also. One question I’d like answered is what the low sucrose group was eating instead of sucrose. They ate the same proportion of macros, but we don’t know what type of carb they were eating from this.


I’d still argue eating a ridiculous amount of sugar isn’t healthy.

This whole “hahaha you eat healthy like a bro? loser #IIFYM #flexibledieting #poptarts #icecream” thing got old 1-2 years ago for me. At this point, we all know eating 6-8 meals a day isn’t necessary.


From a weight loss perspective it doesn’t matter much, but from a health perspective lots of sugar without fiber can cause problems, though this is seen allot more with fructose due to more of it being processed in the liver.

Long story short high amounts of sugar can cause blood sugar spikes and drops, in the case of fructose and alcohols fatty liver disease and heavy abdominal fat storage which is the type you really don’t want.

I completely agree, brawn seems to be firmly at the IIFYM level of nutritional knowledge…

Found it, primarily starches.


You’re good! Thanks!


Guys, I didn’t say it was the healthiest diet and I wouldn’t recommend it. It was to show that people worry too much about a little sugar and think its the devil. The main take away of this is that a caloric deficit is the key to losing weight, more so than a particular diet that a person chooses.

Yes, I am a believer in the IIFYM & Flexible dieter. I have learned from the best…Layne Norton. These types of diets work!


To be honest, I disagree with you. I don’t really have much actual evidence to support myself, but there’s an innumerable amount of things that will affect weight loss/gain outside of calories. One issue I’d bring up is adaptive thermogenesis (I think that’s the right term), in which your body will literally adapt to how much you eat. Since you like Layne Norton, check out his reverse dieting. He actually gets people to eat more and more to increase their calorie expenditure leading up to a diet.


I know all about reverse dieting, thank you. If I made a post on this, you would probably try and contradict me on that too. Im beginning to think anything I say, you think is wrong.


The issue comes in how its presented, namely the title “Don’t freak out about sugar”. Yes for weight loss 400 calories from sugar is pretty much the same as 400 calories from oatmeal, but from a health perspective its not.

When talking about health and science you need to phrase things carefully, or people will come out with the wrong idea. The title implies allot more then your post actuly covers. If you had said “Don’t freak out about sugar when you are trying to lose weight” or “The effects of a high sugar vs low sugar diet on weight loss” then there wouldn’t have been an issue.

Choose words carefully and back up statements or stick to areas that don’t require heavy research.
Health is a complicated subject with consequences if bad information is given out so there is heavy fact checking and high standards of evidence.


Brawn, you’re taking this too personally. There’s no need to get defensive. I didn’t even say you were wrong, only that I disagree. If after you read what I say, you still think calories are that important, by all means, keep it up. But for me, I’ll take a different approach.