Does Creatine Cause Mood Swings?

It’s sad that we have to write this, but since several people are legitimately wondering, here goes: The answer is no, creatine does not cause mood swings …
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I have never even seen creatine in pill form haha. My mom called me and asked me if I was on this bodybuilding drug. I said yes, and told her to go on my YouTube channel and hung up. Haha..

Hah - Yeah, there's a crazy amount of creatine pills you can find at

They're typically an awful deal and the only people who buy them are uneducated consumers or people who REALLY REALLY hate powder. We typically don't find good deals or price drops on them so we never talk about them.

This is totally false. As soon as I started taking creatine I noticed my mood change and I would feel angry and aggressive for 2-3 hours after my workout then "down" or a little almost depressed. I took creatine for about 2 weeks and experienced this every time. I stopped and had no more side effects. If you read blogs a lot of people DO experience the same thing.

Incorrect article as there are studies that have witnessed individuals having mood swings.

Having taken Creatine at various stages in my life I can 100% confirm it does have an effect on my mood- around 2-3 hours after consumption. However, I would also note that having asked all of my friends who work out and have used creatine not one other person has had a similar effect.

On one occasion I bought some protein which was stacked with Creatine; after a couple of days I noticed my moods change and low and behold the magical ingredient was in there!