Do You Like Beef Sticks?

Do You Like Beef Sticks?

Interesting deal over at Supplement Hunt for those who like beef sticks (less than $1/ea)

“Prairie raised grass-fed beef” :drooling_face:

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yes but if you look again this has Uncured Bacon like other beef sticks … might as well a slim jim :cowboy_hat_face: … like marketing Prairie raised grass-fed beef but not mentioning oh we mixed pork too


I’m throwing them on the hot deals page if I can get that coupon to work with our system… but any beef stick with more carbs + fats than protein is a bit of a disappointment in terms of macros.

But under $1.00 for a snack stick, I’m a bit more lenient. Maybe I’ll try em.


Good Lord this begs for a

“That’s what she said”

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Do you like fish sticks?

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I love putting fish sticks in my mouth

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