DMHA / 2-Aminoisoheptane / Octodrine: 2016's Stimulant

DMHA / 2-Aminoisoheptane / Octodrine: 2016's Stimulant


New year, new stimulant? You bet your ass! In the wake of the removal of other popular stimulants over the past few years, a battle has raged to fill the void left by the ingredients now gone. The supplement industry is still struggling to replace DMAA, whose fate will be …
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Thanks for the article, Mike (I guess you're the one who wrote it). You said DMHA would be more or less 90% the strength of DMAA. Well, in the same vein, using percentages, how would AMP citrate compare to DMAA and DMHA then? I have some pure AMP at home (bought from a UK-based site) and I was just wondering about it. Thanks in advance!


2-aminoisoheptane =\= octodrine lmfao!


I've been using innovapharm's pre workout called limitless. It also contains this new stim and is my new favorite. You should check it out, has a solid dosed profile.


It is a fact that 6-methylheptan-2-amine is NOT an old dietary ingredient. This ingredient was not marketed as a dietary ingredient previous to DSHEA in 1994.

If 6-methylheptan-2-amine qualifies as a dietary ingredient at all, which is a big if given FDA's stance on synthetic constituents of botanicals, which is also a big if, given that no one has shown the natural occurrence of this ingredient anywhere (just like with BMPEA), that it is unquestionably a new dietary ingredient that was not marketed previous to October 1994.

Further, as a new dietary ingredient, 6-methylheptan-2-amine is not an article used for food in a form in which the food has not been chemically altered, meaning that a proper ndi notification must be filed with FDA prior to this ingredient being marketed in a dietary supplement product. New dietary ingredients are subject to the ndi notification requirement in 21 U.S.C. 350b(a)(2) and 21 CFR 190.6.

Without the required ndi notification showing safety of this ingredient - it is ILLEGAL to sell as a dietary supplement. Further, since this compound has been investigated and sold as a drug, it is a prohibited act under section 301(II) of the Act (21 U.S.C. 331(II)) to introduce or deliver for introduction into interstate commerce any food to which a drug approved under section 505 of the Act (21 U.S.C. 355) has been added.

Priceplow appears to be supporting the criminal act of marketing illegal dietary supplements.


Hi, thanks for the comment.

Much of our stance on this ingredient is ultimately going to come down on the "fruit" that is said to contain it. At some point, we're going to need to see proof or the tone of this post is going to change dramatically.

I may have to set a deadline for that to happen. Until then, we're cautiously excited over here but understand everyone's concerns. At some point we need a legit citation or else.

I'm not so sure about the drug argument because it was sold quite a long time ago (ie before the 1960s!) before a lot of the laws were in place. But for now, our main concern is the natural status before we get any crazier here.


If your main concern is the natural status on these types of synthetic stimulants, then show me the legit citation that shows BMPEA being naturally occurring in any botanical. Make sure the reference is for Beta-Methyl PEA and not N-Methyl PEA, as there is a world of difference between the two compounds.


2-aminoisoheptane is not the structure in the article, it should be below picture, which is also called 2-amino-5-methylheptane.


why is MAN Sport new gameday not listed, it has DMHA and its good stuff?


We caught MAN "lying" about their ingredients in other upcoming products and haven't really decided what to do with them. Might have to ask for some lab tests.


Please name and shame the offenders, the people need to know, a top 10 list of offenders would be useful


Can you explain further?


Hey Mike and @basharar -- I have admittedly been pissy about MAN's original PUMP Powder label stating that it contained "65% Glycerol Monostearate". This is a chemical impossibility and I grew concerned about all of MAN's products for a bit.

I've been in touch with them behind the scenes, and they've showed that it was really a mix-up with their designer getting multiple label versions and doing what he thought was the best choice by combining "Glycerol 65%" and "Glycerol Monostearate" (MAN chose to use the latter ingredient -- most 'Glycerol 65%' raw materials outside of HydroMax are garbage)... and that design slipped through the cracks and made it into that first production run.

That's not ideal but things like that happen. I was pissy because it's not my job to proofread labels and then I didn't have a clue what's *really* in the supplement -- is it regular glycerol monostearate or is it some other kind of generic glycerol 65%?

So here's the awesome news: MAN is stepping up to the plate and allowing me to third-party test their products for anything. I am going to test PUMP Powder's glycerol content and GAME DAY's 2-amino-6-methylheptane (HCl) content and publish the results. Once the numbers make sense, I'm back all-in.

Maybe an overreaction but that's my job at times.

Fact is, I am getting sick of screwy labels. I see them ALL the time. "Supplement Industry Math" and all. MAN Sports is becoming too big and too popular to make these kinds of mistakes, and I'd be really upset if anyone got in trouble and it dragged DMHA down with it. DMHA is important to me - I love the stuff, and I don't want a stupid glycerol 'scandal' to bring it unnecessary negative attention.

So I stayed quiet until working it out with MAN. Getting tests published irons it out for me and then we're back in business.

Let me know if that's helpful. I should have opened up about this way sooner.


From personal experience AMP Citrate @ 525mg = 50mg DMAA
DMBA @ 525mg = 75mg DMAA

Ive even taken 525mg of AMP and 525mg DMBA for an evening workout and still managed a 6 hour sleep. DMAA i only take on AM or NOON workouts. If take in evening DMAA gives broken sleep.
DMHA is interesting i want some pure powder though


525 mg? Seriously man? That's way beyond the usual recommended doses. How'd it feel at that dosage in terms of focus? I have 100 g of pure DMHA powder at home, bought a couple months ago from a Chinese supplier, but I never went above the 100 mg threshold.


Yeah, for clarification, DMBA = AMP Citrate, so not sure what OP was discussing... and would never take nearly that much.


I must be stim tolerant from taking all 3 similar compounds on and off, AMP, DMBA (Blackburn Distributions) & DMAA (Nutravitashop)
yesterday i had AMP 500mg at 3pm, Amp 500mg at 4pm with 70mg DMAA. Needless to say my workout was awesome. 50 mins weights then circuit. I wear a fitbit which monitors heart rate and i still never go above 179bpm in peak. The only slight problem with DMBA at 525mg is on legs day sometimes towards the end of workout your body goes 'cold'. Really want to try DMHA, where do you get from? 100g is way too much.


Your legs feeling cold might be a sign of high blood pressure, especially at this dosage. I'm not saying that it is the case, but it's a possibility. As for DMHA, I don't see how 100 g is "way too much" since I can use that quantity over an entire year or more. Look for Chinese factories online - they also offer AMP and DMAA. I paid around $250 for the DMHA, which is a hell of a deal considering the quantity.


yeah could be i have a BP monitor and check after workouts. Avg is 135/60. 1 hour after finishing. I still have 40g of DMAA left so which is gonna expire before i can use it all! I have abused amphetamines in the past probably why i am stim tolerant. (10 years ago) Another note the wife has 300mg of DMBA and can barely feel it, yet when she has 70mg DMAA it makes her buzz then crash bad. Personally i love the crash feeling off DMAA. Defo interested in DMHA though, i suspect there will be resellers of it in the UK soon. Dont fancy ordering from China.


My DMBA is definitely different to AMP and stronger. DMBA particles are weird almost like crystals and slightly mushy when packed in capsules. Just as i thought DMHA is now on Ebay in RAW form