DMAA Supplement List – What's Still Available in 2017?

DMAA Supplement List – What's Still Available in 2017?


This is a loaded question lmao. 1,4 DMAA from what I’ve been told from those who have worked with it/on it, have said it’s a slower acting version of 1,3 DMAA. More euphoric versus just tunnel vision focus. Personally have used it and enjoyed it. Octodrine is DMHA, just as another name. What works better than the other is completely individual based.


Anecdotally, DMHA is closer to a super caffeine in that it’s an energy feeling stimulant, a more aggressive feel. DMAA is more akin to a nootropic in my opinion, since it gives such awesome tunnel vision focus. I personally love mixing the two. DMAA + OG Total War or OG Kraken has given me some of the best workouts of my life


Only issue I have with DMAA is the vasoconstriction I see. I’m very vascular so when something cuts that off, I notice immediately. I went to only a couple days where I take in stims pre workout now. I’ve been LOVING. Vaso-Blitz from @Buildfastformula. I’ve noticed quite a difference in how I feel/look since I’ve been doing this


Interesting, never have taken note of that myself. What else did you take with the DMAA, and what dose of it were you taking? I’ve never went above 40mg personally, since I dose it from my Off-the-Chain tub. Wonder how it would pair with something that gives nasty pumps like VasoBlitz as you mentioned.


Any dose above 50mg. Weird considering the OG Mesomorph gave me ridiculous pumps and then I stopped getting them. It’s a very powerful stimulant, so it surprised me even Mesomorph gave me a pump. OG Amped-AF though, good freaking lord was the focus and energy through the roof. Not even a possibility for a pump though. If you did get one, it’d last all but 10 minutes :joy: