DMAA & DMHA Replacement? | NEW Stimulant 2018

DMAA & DMHA Replacement? | NEW Stimulant 2018



I can’t wait for the review when you guys use it alongside caffeine/ other non exotic stimulants


I agree 100%. Trying it solo is nice, but it doesn’t really give a solid 1:1 comparison of how it will typically be used, in combination with other stims. The other big thing, I want to see what the research shows on this stuff. For example, does it have similar tolerance build up to caffeine, or more similar to theacrine?


I hope it’s different than theacrine, tbh I don’t even know if I notice anything at all from theacrine


To be fair, most products that include theacrine underdose it. Have you tried it 100mg+? So far, all I’ve actually used with it is Sidewalk Kraka, and there’s far too many confounding stims there. That said, it does keep me alert much longer than other preworkouts, which I’ve attributed to the theacrine content, but it’s hard to say for sure with a product like that.


I remember this so far I’ve only seen it in this(in a prop blend sadly)

Sadly it look like you aren’t going to get a huge dose(best I can tell its under 50 mg of it)
Seems they came out with the tasteless version right off the bat, which makes sense theacrine kind of has a meh rep because it was nearly impossible to work effectively into anything because of that.


Spelling error in the vid description, should be “top tier”. Just being a grammar Nazi as always :slight_smile:


The OG formula of this has DMHA, Eria Jarensis, orchilean, Teacrine, and a couple other things in there. I still have a tub and it lights me up when I use it


Yeah honestly the plan wasn’t to publish this yet. CJ was supposed to try it alongside an energy amino drink or a Bang and throw in his thoughts.

Either way, we’ll have more on this one soon, but it was a good first experience and I’ll take it any day over theacrine right now


I want to try this, 100mg cocoabuterol caught my eye.

Anybody have any background information on this company, or whether it’s in good standing?


They seem to be, I got one of their products 75% off and It seems legitimate. I believe they are an offshoot of RAW synergies, but I’m not entirely sure(after some research I am fairly sure they are).


Not a stimulant, at least not much. Did you ever hear of Compound 20 by USPLabs back in the day? It had N-Coumaroyldopamine and N-Caffeoyldopamine and the stuff worked like CRAZY for some people (for body recomposition), but not at all for some others. This is what’s in Cocoabuterol.

Inspired Nutraceuticals has a few products with it:

The Cocoabuterol might also have some EGCG and Theobromine in there, kinda stimulatory but not really.


Oh dang, I was thinking of theobromine purely. I like products that use a good amount of theobromine, preferably 99%


Well in that case, here’s two options for ya:


As always bulk supplements annoys the shit out of me with their pricing. I get mildly interested in a product and they have good deals at 20$ more then I want to spend.


It’s a raw stim! You don’t need to buy a keg of it… $20 for 100 grams is plenty


I’m not sold. I appreciate CS trying to bring out new compounds but with maybe and I mean maybe the exception of Peak02, they really don’t have anything with solid unbiased data behind it. And methyl liberine is a methyluric acid which is like the red headed step child of Methylxanthines

Hopefully I’m wrong :man_shrugging:


But then for 8 more dollars you get over double the amount, and then you are spending 28 dollars, if you want to spend less you get half as much to save 25%, for one less dollar you get another halving.
Its a case of their prices scaling terribly until you get to 500 grams.
Case in point spending 14$ gets you 25 grams, spending 28 gets you 250.


Wow good point. You are actually getting psychologically de-motivated to buy because of that pricing scheme!!

The way I personally see it is more like “I am willing to throw $20 for a couple month’s worth, can I make that happen?” and then I ignore the higher prices. So I didn’t really take into account the way you see it. Interesting!


Yep, I understand how its supposed to work but they have their prices set way too high at the beginning, The ideal would be a very small amount for like 5$, then giving better deals along the way. The way its set up now you are paying a large premium for less.