DF -- NutraBio Dragonfruit Candy PRE & Intra Blast Review

Hello PricePlow crew!

Wanted to do a short post before I use these and write my review for the site. A big thank you to @Kon_Rock & @NutraBio for making this opportunity possible.

I received my sample package this afternoon and will be using them over the next few days and reporting back on their taste and effects. As an added bonus, they also threw in a sample of their matcha latte grass fed whey isolate. While I don’t normally drink “exotic” protein flavors like this, I am still willing to give it a try.

More to come in the following days…


Oh yeah buddy, looking forward to your thoughts!!!

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This post is going to be about my experiences with just the PRE. Intra Blast will follow later.

As mentioned in the other thread, NutraBio PRE would be the only product used if money was no issue when it comes to sports nutrition supplements. The level of transparency, trust and dosing is second to none.

My current training is a full body split, three times a week with a different focus each day (back, shoulders/chest and legs). Heavy compound movements are used in the beginning then hypertrophy movements for the remaining sets and body parts. I used this sample pack on my back focus day, which included heavy deadlifts at the start.

In terms of mixing and flavor, I have always been impressed at the mixability of a PRE with almost 30g of ingredients per scoop. The initial mix takes care of about 95% of the ingredients with slight foam that dissipates quickly. Can’t ask for much more and the last sips do not have any bad taste or grit to them with just a slight swirl. Taste of the Dragonfuit candy flavor is very unique and quite enjoyable for my first experience. I could see using an entire tub without issue or tiring of the flavor. Even more impressive that this flavor is accomplished without loads of cr*p in the other ingredients section.

As for the effectiveness, I have never been disappointed with any scoop of PRE and this was no different. Smooth and long lasting energy with no post-workout crash. Great focus and when paired with music, nothing else in the gym distracts me. The pump is always amazing (even on an empty stomach), especially when I move into the hypertrophy sets. Can’t speak too much to the vascularity because I am overweight and don’t really experience that effect. Endurance and hydration is also top notch on this. I feel like I could lift for hours and hours without needing a break with a scoop of this in my system. No cramps or feeling run down at any point during the session. No side effects experienced either.

@Kon_Rock Let me know if there is any other point you want me to touch on that I missed during this post. Thank you

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Awesome man, thank you getting this up and really glad you enjoyed the new flavor Dragonfruit Candy! Its super unique and delightful!!!

This is perfect man, much appreciated!!!

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Honestly I like the Cherry Limeade more though :astonished:

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Yeah I like the tartness of it too :slight_smile:

Intra Blast Review:

For this sample packet, I used it during a round of golf on an empty stomach. I initially mixed it in 16 ounces of water to get an idea of the flavor then added another 16 ounces of water to fill my bottle up. Like the PRE, the initial flavor was delicious and I could have finished the entire scoop right there. But I also wanted to get an idea of how the flavor performed after I watered it down. Thankfully it reacted well in that aspect as well. Still delicious even at its lower concentration. No mixing issues at either water level and any foam that did appear went down quickly. No bad aftertaste or anything negative from the first sip to the last.

As for performance, this sample packet did not let me down just like every other scoop I have used in the past. While I know this breaks my fast, the energy and focus provided comes on faster than any solid food that I could eat and it seems to stay with me for the perfect amount of time for my round. I also never need to worry about my hydration or cramping as I continue to sip this throughout the day.

In conclusion, nothing has changed with these two products except for the flavor system. The performance is still a 10/10 as I am used to from using these supplements in the past and I can’t wait to see what other flavor systems and new releases @NutraBio has in the works. If the breakfast proteins are any indication of what’s to come, 2019 is going to be a great (and flavorful) year for us supplement junkies.

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Awesome man, I love how refreshing this flavor is.

Just perfect :slight_smile:
Thanks for for lettings know what you thought!!!

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