DF -- Jacked Factory Authentic Bar Review

Got a box of the Jacked Factory Authentic Bar (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) through a Facebook promo. These appear to be an Outright Bar knockoff.

Currently only has five flavor options. Box of 12 is $18.99

Will give a few of these a try and report back

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Initial Thoughts After One Bar

As one may expect from what appears to be an Outright Bar knockoff from the outside, the actual bar looks exactly like what I remember from the few Outright Bars I previously had (link to my Outright Bar review on this site: DF - Late To The Party Outright Bar Review)

The only difference I notice between the two bars is the Outright Bars seemed to be a little oily on the outside while the Authentic Bars are not. Weight wise, this bar is supposed to be 60g and weighed in at 64g.

Texture and softness seem to be pretty much the same as what I remember from an Outright Bar. If anything, the Authentic Bar might be a tad bit firmer and less crumbly but nothing close to a Quest or One Bar.

Cracking it open:

Plenty of chocolate chips to see when splitting it in half.

When it comes to taste, my main complaint about Outright Bars was that the ratio of flavor was 80/20 or 90/10 peanut butter/almond butter to the secondary flavor profile. This bar was much closer to a 50/50 split of peanut butter and chocolate. Not much cookie dough flavor to report from this first bar.

Lastly, I’m happy to report that there was no delayed “side effect” that sent me to the bathroom after eating one of these compared to how the Outright Bar treated me.

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Thanks sharing, I was wondering how they’d do flavor wise as I had the same complaint as you in regards to the peanut butter outright bars. Just bought the cashew one to try out

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You’re welcome!

So far, these are what I expected the Outright Bars to be.

The box also included an offer for a free second box, so hopefully I can get one of the more unique flavors of these to try and share my thoughts on.

Quick update:

Put the bar I had last night into the microwave for ten seconds and all the chocolate chips started to melt a little. Warming it up did not change the flavor at all, just the experience of eating melted chocolate vs solid pieces. This did make the bar messier to eat compared to just out of the package because of the melted chocolate on the outside.

Another bit of information to note about these compared to the Outright Bars is the price:

These are currently on sale at Amazon for $16.14 per box of 12 for four out of the five available flavors (normal price is $18.99 per box of 12).

Outright Bars will run you $24.99 per box of 12 at places like TigerFitness, Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, Target etc.

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Following up on this part of my review, I went to the website given on the postcard to get my free box. The deal is if you purchased a 12 count box, they will send you a free 6 count box (your choice of flavor) just for providing them with some feedback on what you thought about the bars. Free shipping, no credit card required.

If you purchased a 6 count box, they will send you a free 3 count box with this offer.

Just got the tracking info today and will update the thread when the new flavor arrives.

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About $15 a box right now at VS for Outright Bars

BOGO 50 + 10% OFF Auto-Ship (Cancel after order)
+10-20% OFF – Coupon: Care4You
Could be cheaper if you grab a few more boxes and get the 15-20% OFF

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Cool but I will never buy Outright Bars again…even free, I would still give them away.

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Received my free 6-pack box of bars as promised by the postcard in the original order.

Will update on flavor and experience after I try a few.

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Cracked open a few of these new bars yesterday

The first thing to note on these is while the other flavor consistently weighed in above the noted 60g bar size, this flavor has so far weighed in below the listed size (59g and 57g for the two that I’ve had so far). While that’s not a big deal, it was surprising considering how the other flavor always had a little extra. Maybe the addition of the candy pieces causes some manufacturing inconsistencies when it comes to finished product weight.

The other notable differences was the color of the bar. You can see that the CC cookie dough flavor is darker in color than this PB candy one is. This second flavor also seems to be a slight bit softer and crumbles a tad bit easier than the other one. The macros are also slightly different (two more fat, one less carb, one more protein and 20 more calories).

Taste wise, this is peanut butter all day and all night with the added bonus of Reese’s Pieces candy mixed in as a surprise while chewing. Each bite I had included at least one piece of candy and often more. If you love peanut butter along with Reese’s Pieces candy, this is the one for you. Definitely better than the CC cookie dough and worth the extra macros if you are someone who is hardcore keeping track.

Plus they were free, so you can’t get much better than that.

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