DF - Gaspari Nutrition Bone Broth Review

DF - Gaspari Nutrition Bone Broth Review

Another thank you to @Dougefresh93 and @GaspariNutrition for sending me out a tub of their newly released Bone Broth and collagen protein supplement.

As a bit of background, I have been using a collagen protein supplement for a while now but they have always been unflavored and I mix them in with my nightly smoothie. This is the first flavored collagen protein that I have tried and the first that I will try drinking on its own without anything else added to the mix.

These are just my initial thoughts after the first use last night.

Upon opening the tub, you get a nice vanilla scent which is always enjoyable. The tub is also pretty full, which is always a nice site to see. While I know that products are packed by weight not volume, there is always some sort of let down for me when I open a new tub of something and it is only half full or less.

Finding the scoop was relatively easy. Only needed to use the “cement mixer” technique a little to find it.

Each serving is 16 grams and the label says “one heaping scoop” should equal that. This is how my scoop looked for the 16 gram serving:

Just a little bit more than level gives you a perfect serving.

As for mixing, I used 8.5 ounces of filtered cold water from my fridge dispenser and one scoop of the supplement with no blender ball. After shaking for approximately 10 seconds, this is the initial result:

As you can see, basically my entire shaker became filled with foam. When left to sit for two minutes, this is what it looks like:

As for the mixability of the powder, everything was great. Very few sinkers at the bottom. Mixes mostly clear with maybe a slight yellow tint to the water. As for the foam, this is how it looked after sitting for five minutes:

Still a little bit left but a drastic reduction from where we started.

Taste was a pleasant vanilla and went down smooth with no bad aftertaste or weird mouthfeel. Nothing overpowering or outrageously sweet.

Was consumed on an empty stomach and no side effects or reactions were experienced.

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Very nice review here with the added pictures displaying mixing ability, love that. Agreed on the vanilla flavor… pleasant, natural, and just works. Thanks for posting this up already, my man.


Thanks @Devin_Foley

I was curious to your thoughts on this as a Collagen user (I am not one).

Appreciate the pictures, & time applied to the review.

How much do you current pay for your current Collagen supplement? More for my curiosity than anything. (I think Gaspari’s is $32 with site discount).

Also, what do you consider your primary benefit, to using Collagen?

Thanks again my brother.

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In regards to its effects, I can’t say anything definite but I do believe it has been somewhat beneficial. I typically walk quite a bit throughout my day and haven’t had any joint or tendon issues in my knees (and they are already damaged from high school football). Guess I won’t know for sure unless I stop using this type of protein in the future.

As for taste, this is far better than I would have thought possible for collagen. I have tasted a small amount of unflavored dry powder and it was nasty!

I have used various different brands purchased from Amazon. Most of them end up being free in the end after rebate from different websites. That is the main reason I first started using collagen supplements. Here are some that I have used:


Just FYI on some other market pricing information for collagen protein. Noticed this evening that MyProtein now has a collagen product (https://us.myprotein.com/sports-nutrition/collagen-protein/11111072.html)

Only unflavored, in three different sizes.