DaSlaya's Nutrabio Dragonfruit (Pre/Intra) Review

DaSlaya's Nutrabio Dragonfruit (Pre/Intra) Review

Just received this in the mail today…

Will run this on Tuesday for my Chest day, as Shoulders day is just not good enough for this run! Thank you for this! @Kon_Rock


Looking forward to your thoughts :slight_smile:


First of all thank you to @Kon_Rock and the wonderful people of NutraBio for allowing me the opportunity to try out their new Dragon Fruit flavor.

Okay, so had a nice fun run of Pre + Intra for chest day today…here is my honest and unbiased feedback:

Bear in mind this review is based solely off of one sample pack, your experience may vary with a full tub

Pre v5

Mixability: As you can see with the above picture this mixed easily and fine in my shaker cup. There was some very slight foaming after shaking it but no big deal as it subsides quickly. There was no residue or weird grit leftover.

Taste: For whatever reason I was confusing Dragon Fruit with Durian (horrible smelling and tasting fruit in Indonesia, which I had the unfortunate life experience). My fears were put to bed quickly after trying this. The flavor is subtle and unique, I found a hint of strawberry in it and it has a nice tropical flavor to it. Not overbearing or sweet, it is just right. The aftertaste reminds me of the red or yellow skittles after you eat it, pretty delicious. I truly enjoyed this flavor, and found it very easy to drink or chug (I sipped half and chugged half).

Energy: The energy level here was low key, this is not something that will punch you in the face for those early morning workouts. Instead this gives you a nice steady flow of low key energy. Personally, I like a slight punch in the face, so energy for this I felt was average for a PWO. I could feel the beta alanine tingles, which I truly love and is my sign to get to crushing those weights. This was just okay for me. I had a sample tub @Clipper83 gave me a year or so ago, and whatever version (I am guessing v4?) that Pre was worked better for me than this one.

Endurance: This is where the product shined. That flow of low key energy made my 60 minute workout just fly by. Typically on my last assistance exercise I get tired, but not this morning. It was one of those feelings that I felt I could keep on lifting, but my workout was over. So this was nice.

Focus: I tend to never notice focus from PWOs. I had some okay focus here, and I stayed on task throughout my workout with very minimal “chat” time with my gym buddies. I kept my rest sets right around the 1-2 minute mark, so stayed on schedule.

Pumps: I usually do not expect much here unless it is a pump product. I had a little more than average pump going in my chest today, so what was nice. Not as great as I have had from a pure pump product, but a nice welcome addition to a do it all Pre.


@Kon_Rock I wanted to separate my reviews, so now onto the IntraBlast!!!

Mixability: As you can see there was quite a bit of foaming after shaking this up. It settles down quickly, just know to shake it and let it sit for a minute or so. No strange residue or wasted grains left.

Taste: So I did not enjoy the Dragon Fruit flavor as much in this as the Pre. I mixed this with cold sink water, as I do with my intra workout powders all the time, and the taste was almost too subtle. No tropical refreshment, hardly a hint of strawberry and the aftertaste did not taste good. The after taste would be gone quickly and this is easily drinkable since it is not sweet, but after having the same flavor in the Pre I was disappointed here. I am sure it tastes better in ice cold water, but that is not my style for Intra workout drinks. I have had a few other flavors of Intra-Blast and enjoyed them, this is my least favorite so far.

Hydration: As usual this was on point and the best part of the product. This is the reason I keep coming back to Intra-Blast. EVERY single time I take Intra, no matter what PWO I take I have to pause my workout to hit the urinal and am always happy to see nice clear urine. I felt hydrated throughout my workout and made very limited water fountain breaks. Great as usual.

Recovery: This has reduced DOMS for me quite a bit in the past, and I expect nothing less here. If for some reason this changes I will update this in the next 24 and 48 hours when DOMS likes to punch me in the face.

I have not tried the Matcha Isolate yet, when I do I will post up my thoughts. This was fun, thanks and I love Dragon Fruit for the Pre!!


Awesome reviews buddy, its interesting how the same flavors can be a little different per product given their ingredients. But over all this is a huge hit flavor and love how its easy to drink, refreshing and no weird after taste.

You’re gonna love that Matcha Grass Fed Whey, so unique!!!

Thanks buddy!!!



I drank up my Grass Fed Matcha Latte this morning mixed with 2 scoops of Creatine (Nutrabio), I was pleasantly surprised. I was unsure what to think, but found the taste to have a small hint of Green Tea when you sip it then you get a nice creamy latte/chocolate aftertaste. After 3 trips to Afghanistan and drinking more than my share of Green Tea over there, the thought of tea usually makes me cringe, but this tasted like the good stuff where you mix in a ton of sugar!! So a nice job here.

Definitely a unique flavor, and as per other NB Isolates I have had this fills me up for a little bit until I eat breakfast. Thanks for the sample, you guys are doing great with these new flavors so far.

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I agree man, that’s such a interesting flavor and nice switch from the average.

Plus packed with benefits!!!


Definitely. That is how you make the delicious Green Tea with a ton of sugar taste good sans sugar!!!