DaSlaya Runs Genius Muscle

So Tomorrow, Oct 4, I will start to run Genius Muscle. I have never done PA so am curious. I have had great response to HMB with recovery so we will see. Follow here for weekly updates, yes its expensive but when you are like me it is all about quality. I will even measure every muscle first, and maybe post it hahah I dont want @TheSolution making fun of me :slight_smile: Anyone with PA experience please pipe in what i can expect!!


also wanted to throw an old term in SHAQ-DIESEL is that still a thing @SteelerBill13

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My sleep and eating choices weren’t great in those days… So the real quantifiable result was strength gains. Week over week I managed to work towards squat and deadlift PRs. It begins with the recovery boost that the PA provides.

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In for this :muscle:

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I’m getting way too old to know. I do know that Shaq was DJ’ing for a while…

I originally used HPN Supplements (are they still around?) PA-7. I felt ‘leaner’ while on it and did notice some strength differences when not using it. There was a period of time there where I was using that one month and then Peak Physicor the next…

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Ok so more context is needed here got lazy about this…

Workout Program

  • Started Genius Muscle on Week 5 of 12 weeks of Pain & Suffering by John Meadows. I wanted to get 4 weeks in the program, so I can find out if it is the program vs GM actually making a difference when it comes to weights. This is a 4 day workout plan, and it is brutal.


  • No change, medium carb, high protein


  • 1 scoop 45 minutes prior to my workouts on lift days
  • half a scoop on those rest days

My Expectations

  • This is the first time taking PA, so not real sure what to expect. Given what others have said I am looking for some good weight increases on my lifts due to PA and PeakO2. I am also hoping PeakO2 provides an increase in my endurance (I do not do cardio, so this will be judged based off weight training)
  • I have taken HMB with Creatine in the past (Transparent Labs) and did notice a reduction in muscle soreness. So I am looking for something similar here.

Thoughts so far

  • Taste: The only flavor this comes in is Strawberry Vanilla Cream. I know Genius likes to keep it all natural so I figure this would not taste so good and it would be a daily chore. I was pleasantly surprised to see the taste is fine, and easy to drink early in the morning. The flavor is spot on as it tastes just like Strawberry Vanilla Cream would.
  • Not much else to not yet, it has been 5 days so far, so will log more as I notice any changes, no matter how slight. I do think my recovery has been slightly better so far, but we will see.

Not sure if you saw this video from a few years back but it’s good info about this supp



good and informative video, thanks for finding this!

So far have not noticed much, it has been 11 days so far. I started to feel on chest day the other day I was getting a bit stronger on the Rest Pause Bench, but we shall see.

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Day 20

The last couple of days I have started to notice a slight leaning out effect, an increase in vascularity slightly, and almost a pump during the day in my muscles. Mainly the chest and arms. I do believe I have increased my size by a tiny tiny bit, though the weight on the scale remains the same, but this is why I think there is a lean-ness effect going.

As far as strength goes, so far I have had minor increases but nothing more than I would think I would have just doing the workout plan. I think this will be more prevalent towards the end of the run. But it does seem things are starting to happen, so will continue to update.


Have not been in the Gym since Wednesday… an old Left Shoulder Injury started to flare up, so took a few extra rest days. Luckily it has recovered nicely, so glad I gave it some rest and did not push through it. Should be back in the gym in the morning.

But on the rest days been continuing on with half a scoop of GM!


Well I managed to forget to bring my GM on my recent trip but was nearing the end of the run anyways so here are my final thoughts.


  • I felt like I was leaning out a bit, and had a little pump look in the mornings.
  • Nice Muscle Hardness
  • Strength did increase, but it was not an insane jump, i will prob know more about how this influenced my strength vs my workout program as time goes on not taking this
  • Recovery was pretty good on this, so I attribute that with the HMB


  • Not a game changer for me
  • Expensive

So overall, this did not do that much for me, but I am glad I gave it a shot as this was my first time taking PA.


Ok I can safely say that during my run of GM that my strength level was up a bit. Started to notice the difference this morning doing DB work on Chest. About a 10 pound difference on the DB’s with both Incline and flat bench. So yeah, stuff works, and I will prob check out PA again in the future.

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Your gains are melting away!!

Goes to show…you don’t know how well something works until you take it away

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Haha I’ll get em back. Yeah especially with something like this. I was like well I got stronger was it the workout or the PA. Now I know lol. Either way I got stronger at least lol.