DaSlaya reviews the PricePlow Lift Box

I have never heard of Lift Box until the announcement here that PP was collaberating with them on a box. I thought this would be a great one to support and of course, I knew I would get some good samples picked out. I was excited to get to try the Ghost Energy early (see my review), so that was my main selling point.

What was in the box
You can see on the pics everything that was in the box. I have had Ghost Whey Chips Ahoy, and the NB Alpha EAA New York Fruit Punch, but the rest is all new to me. I was excited to get another product to try from Glaxon, this time it is their non stim PWO Plasm Surge. The company is slowly growing on me so kind of cool to try out more things from them. I was also happy with the sample of Axe and Sledge The Grind, Muscle Feast protein (love the mini protein tub), and the Wicked Cutz jerky. Shaker Soaps seem useful, well they probably are lol.

My main disappointment here is you can see it is a Lift Box tank top and Lift Box headband. At one point I thought I had heard either the tank top or the headband was going to be PricePlow and I really wanted something with Price Plow on it. So I was sad that that is not the case here. SELL A T SHIRT ALREADY GUYS!!!

I paid a total of $35 for this box, and I definitely feel I got my moneys worth. The company offers a discount to military which I was going to use, but the crazy part is the Price plow discount on this was a better deal and paid for the S/H. Not sure if that will be a constant discount, or a one time deal, but regardless if it is 35 or 40 bucks it is not a bad deal in my mind.

Bottom Line
I love to try out new supplements constantly and this is why I have a stockpile of ones. I like the idea of Lift Box and was happy overall with this collaboration. I will continue my Lift Box sub for now, as I can use the samples when I travel. This gets the DaSlaya approval!

Do the yellow socks come with the package?

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haha that will be in the Steelers Lift Box collab!!!

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Ngl, $35 for 9 single-serving samples, including a Slim Jim and some dish soap, is not my idea of a value. I have my own headbands and shirts, I don’t really care about those if I’m paying for a supplement box, lol.

Some good products, just way overpriced.


ohhhhh nice!!!


Thanks for the honest feedback.


Figure 7 edible/drinkable items for that $35 ($5 per sample). Meanwhile BEAM is what, $5 for four sample packs?

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Price is what you pay - value is what you get

No clue where I was going with that


Not to mention, buy any full-size supp from most online stores(Campus Protein, A1, Suppz, etc), and you’re likely to get 3-5 samples and/or a T-shirt tossed in for free.

Even Glaxon, for as much shit as I give them, included a (pretty cool actually) shirt when I bought their pre-, and I’m pretty sure I got a free shirt and shaker and samples from Gaspari when I bought some Superpump.

@Matt_Towson, no bully intended (did you work on this?). I find this to be a general problem with most supplement surprise boxes, they jack up the “value” with t-shirts, lifting straps, gym towels, etc. I have those things, I want supplements, that’s why I pay for supplement boxes, not t-shirt boxes, lol.


No - hah. I haven’t been associated with anything here in over a year and a half.

I was thinking about grabbing one - so I appreciate you saying it wasn’t worth it in your opinion.


Yeah you guys are prob right. I enjoyed the surprise of the samples and thought they were decent. I got this one just cause it was price plow. Ahh well still enjoyed it.

The reality is that if you find a supplement that you really like or want to try out - it’s a bonus. When I was traveling all the time (pre-pandemic) I would live on samples…well not live, but you get the point. I would use samples on the road to try new things out.

Yup that is where I am at again since moving back to contract work. A lot of travel on the road so need to restock my samples back up

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Yeah I thought you weren’t behind-the-scenes at PP any more, I just read your comment the wrong way, as a “thank you for your feedback, we’ll take it into consideration” type thing :crazy_face: