DaSlaya Reviews Shake One (Double Chocolate)

DaSlaya Reviews Shake One (Double Chocolate)

Why I chose this
Well, I won this in a contest here on PP, so a big thank you to Blue Star and @Adidasshorts for the opportunity to give this a shot and for including an awesome cyclone shaker which I love. I have tried many different breakfast options in the past from just cooking it, to smoothies, and to meal replacements. This is a nice happy medium and the design is to act as breakfast. Let’s break it down on how this worked out as a morning routine for me.


Each scoop (approx 43.5g) nets you 180 Calories, 3g total fat, 5mg cholestorol, 7g total carbs, and 30g Protein. This also has an addition of 10mcg Vitamin D, 152mg Calcium, 2mg Iron, 220mg Sodium, and 382mg Potassium. There are also 2 blends here, the first being the All Natural Morning Stim Blend (140mg) which is a combination of Coffea robusta (bean extract), PurCaf, Guarana, and Theobroma cacao. The XD Delivery Technology Complex blend (63mg) contains Astragin, Fumarate, Succinate, BioPerine, and Sodium R-Lipotate.

Fairly clean profile for anyone out there since this is taking place of breakfast, whether you are cutting or whatever diet you are on. I personally have to watch my daily sodium intake, so 220mg isn’t so bad, I have had powders much worse than this in the past. The protein is a Whey Isolate which of course is designed for faster absorption into the body. The White Paper for this includes a breakdown of all ingredients and why they are included, which I thought was awesome and I found very helpful in understanding the true design of this product. Normally you only get a small blurb of instructions and have to look up each ingredient yourself, so this was nice. I spend a lot of time on products trying to wrap my head around what the formulator truly wanted it to be. I am a huge fan of Astragin as an absorption ingredient, and you really do not see a combo of AstraGin and Bioperine too often, so that is great. Overall, great ingredient label in my eyes.

I weighed a scoop using my kitchen scale, I first measured out the scooper, and then measured scoop with powder. Here are the results, which comes out to around 46g a serving (61g - 15g scoop) which is fairly close to what is on the label. I like it more when it comes in higher than lower anyways, and Blue Star was smart in saying approximately instead of an exact number, so we are good to go here.

Really easy here, 1 scoop in the morning for breakfast. I would vary mixing this with 6-10oz of water and/or 2% milk, which I will discuss in the taste below. No brainer here. I took this after I got home from the gym on my workout days and when I woke up in the morning on my rest days.


Being that this is an Isolate you would expect mixability to be good. And of course it was. As you can see in the photo the bubbles dissipate very fast with no foaming at all. I shook this up, immediately took top off shaker and here is what you get. Easy day.

I received the Double Chocolate Flavor. I normally lean towards Vanilla flavors, but I do enjoy a chocolate from time to time. I mixed this with water and 2% milk on my mornings. I do not adventure much with my protein, so I took this as I would any other protein product (I know I am boring).

With Water - This gives you a lighter Chocolate Taste. I typically mixed this with closer to 8-10oz of water since I like to hydrate as I drink. I really enjoyed the taste here and it was so easy to drink down. So if you were on the go and wanted to get this down on the way to work or out the door you can easily slam this down. I typically enjoyed the shake over 5-10 minutes since I have the time to do so.

With 2% milk - This was great! The milk brought out a truly rich Chocolate Flavor. This was a morning treat and this made the shake thicker, so you would not want to slam this down. I stuck with around 8oz of Milk at a time, and this would take longer to drink vs water, but the flavor was amplified here.

Overall, not being a big Chocolate fan, I looked forward to drinking this every day. I would love to try the French Vanilla flavor in the future since I enjoyed this one so much. So great job on flavor, nothing tasted weird, it was just a nice and smooth Chocolate shake no matter what liquid I used. I do highly recommend you mix this in milk though, because it is fantastic.

After reading the white paper and truly understanding the design of the product, I am going to break down my results in a couple ways here. The first being fat loss as that is part of the design, the next being how it did to keep me full until my next feeding time, and the energy level.

Weight Loss - I am not cutting or really on any specific diet, I do the I just eat right diet. I changed nothing in my training or diet regimen for this run and only took Shake One on Monday-Friday, as I reserve the weekends for eating out and experiencing Pittsburgh (since I just got here) and drinking beer. Yes, I am one of those real people that enjoy working out and taking supplements. I used the scale at my gym and always weighed myself in my gym clothes with my converse on with nothing in my pockets. I started out at 239.6 pounds on July 2, 2019 and ended up at 236.2 pounds (see pic below) on July 15, 2019. I weighed myself this morning and came in at 234 pounds, but I think that was a little light since I had a light dinner last night. I almost always work out fasted and I weighed in before each workout. Also my gym shorts, regular shorts, and jeans are all feeling looser and I have to tighten up the belt so they don’t fall down. I have not weighed under 240 in years, so this was pretty amazing. There are a couple factors here of course, one being that this cut calories during my day as I would normally eat a lot more calories for breakfast. I also believe this did help to kick-start my metabolism during the week and even with my weekend beer drinking I never gained the weight back. So I truly believe this product works well in the weight loss department. Definitely a product to consider if you are on a cut. So this was a success.

Fullness - Well, this was a slight downfall here for someone of my size. When I drank a scoop with water I would be hungry in around 60-90 minutes. I typically have 2-2.5 hours before I eat lunch, so I would be a bit hungry at lunch time. When I mixed this with milk it would put me around the 90 - 100 minute mark. However, I would not be painfully hungry, it just digests in your system fairly fast. Not a big deal for me, since I tend to workout later in the morning (around 8am) being that my schedule allows it, so I would drink this around 930am and it put me close to lunch time anyways. But bear in mind this will not keep you full as much as a regular meal will, but of course this will vary based off body size.

Energy - I typically like to have a cup of coffee when I get home from the gym with my breakfast. I of course omitted that and took this instead, since it is an all in one drink. It actually did quite well for me. I felt like I had a coffee and a little more, it gave me a nice small energy boost to keep me moving and not want to lay on the couch after the gym. So this worked very well.

So overall, this is a great product that works as designed. This helped me lose a few pounds which was unexpected since I typically maintain my weight, but it was a welcome factor. This truly is an all in one shake to keep you full for an hour or so and give you a nice energy boost. I saved a few scoops for when I travel for work as I would rather have this when on the road than a hotel breakfast. In the future I may just have a tub on hand specifically for when I travel as my morning breakfasts, since I tend to not eat very clean on the road. Great job Blue Star.

Well the price is not great at first glance. The only place you can find this is from Blue Star’s website itself for $49.99 for 23 servings, which comes out to a $2.17 breakfast. This is not counting S/H of course. Not horrible and a good value if you are traveling, but if you have breakfast stuff at home you can make breakfast cheaper. This is tough to compare to anything else out there, it is cheaper than any meal replacement powder, so if you factor in convenience then the price is not so bad. I would say it is a fair price for what you get. If this is ever on sale, I suggest you stock up on it because then the value would be great.

Final Thoughts
I did not know what to expect here, and never put much stock in all in one powders if I am being honest. I have never tried a product from Blue Star either, but I really enjoyed this run and as I stated above this may be my go to in the future for when I am having breakfast on the road. As an every day thing when I am at home I will just cook myself breakfast because my schedule allows that. I wish I had this years ago when I barely had time to get to the gym and then to work, because this is something I was looking for a year or so back. Definitely a product that works, tastes great, and when you really break it down it is at a fair price point. The convenience is what you are getting, but its a nice post workout or morning shake as well. This makes me want to try more products from Blue Star in the near future when I need more. Again, thank you for the chance to try and review this for the fine people here at PP.

White Paper: BlueStar_WhitePaper_A4_ShakeOne_print.pdf (274.9 KB)


@DaSlaya damn man, great in depth review! It’s refreshing to see real time and detail put into this.

I agree with a lot of what you mentioned. It’s meant to be that morning kick start instead of the frappe people get with many useful ingredients. It’s not filling but an isolate never is. We wanted to go with the isolate for the quality and better digestion for the first thing you drink after being fasted.

We appreciate the review and feedback. Enjoy it and thank you for considering us for the future. If you follow us on IG and FB you will egg deal alerts and our promos are strong!

Thank you again


Easy to review a product that works well!! I will definitely follow you guys on IG. Yeah the Isolate makes sense to me, I much preferred not feeling bloated after I drank it down.

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Thank you for your feedback and detail put into your product review. I’m pleased to see you read through the white paper to better understand the reason for this formulation. There is always good reason to what we do. :slight_smile:


Nice review. Was not aware of this product from Blue Star but it looks real good.

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