DaSlaya Reviews Sedative by Glaxon


Why I chose this
If you have read any of my sleep supplement reviews you know that I suffer from severe sleep apnea and I enjoy a sleep supp to help lull me sleep. I like to try many different ones out to see which work the best for me. When I saw Glaxon pop on this site a month or so ago, I stared to investigate their line, and once @Extrabeef stated this is a knockout I decided to give it a shot.


A nice combination of ingredients here for a sleep aid, most of these I was very well versed in, however there were a couple that were unique to me that I will discuss.

Corydalis yanhuso (Std. for L-Tetrodropalmitine): This is supposed to be used in treatment of pain, and may be used to treat chronic pain without the same risk of addiction as prescription pain meds. I cannot speak to this very much, but it is not uncommon to see a pain treatment ingredient in a sleep aid.

Phycocyanin: This appears to have anti-oxidative function, anti-inflammatory activity, anti-cancer function, immune enhancement function, liver, and kidney protection pharmacological effects (source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5687155/)

My only gripe on this label is the fact that 1 full scoop nets you 4mg of Melatonin. While it is still low, I do not like much Melatonin in my sleep supps as I tend to get a sleep hangover from it. I like to keep it under 5mg so it is fine, but that is the one thing I would nit pick on here. Other than that it seems like a great combo of ingredients to me.

Dosing / Taste

Dosing: I tried half a scoop the first night I took this and it did alright at helping me get to sleep but nothing that impressed me. Once i went to a full scoop, oh buddy, it was lights out! I continued on with 1 dose prior to my workout days.

Taste: I had Grape Drank. First, I appreciate the name! Second, it was pretty good. I did not get a big grape flavor out of it, very light but was easy to sip on and finish while laying in bed. Some other sleep supps I love just have horrid tastes, so nice job here.

Now the important part! Yeah this worked great for me at a one full scoop. I would drink this on my nights where I would workout the next morning (my normal routine) and I got some great rest while on this. Most nights I would just sleep through the night and not even wake up once which is fairly unique for me. I tend to always get up once a night whether it is cause some idiot was being loud outside or just to go to the bathroom. At times I did feel slightly groggy when I woke up (due to Melatonin) but not enough to keep me in bed. I definitely felt well rested on this and the results never let up from the first full scoop to the last. I also slept fine when I came off this so no risk of becoming addicted or not being able to sleep afterwards. Good stuff.

You can pick this up from Natural Body right now for $35.99 for 42 half servings or 21 full servings. For me that would come out to about $1.71 a serving, which is not cheap but not insanely horrible. I picked this up for $39.99 so currently there is a better deal ongoing. Once I factor in effectiveness I would say that price is fine by me. If you do not get it on sale then yeah it gets pricey real fast, but worth a shot if you can snag it up on sale.

Final Thoughts
This ranks in my top 3 sleep supplements for sure. I think I need to do a breakdown comparison of my favorite sleep aids one of these days. This is one that I will try again for sure and I highly recommend. I definitely plan on grabbing the other flavor (Ice Melon) of Sedative, and checking out some other products by Glaxon. Great job guys!



Hey man, thanks for the honest review here! We all here at Glaxon HQ genuinely appreciate it and are happy to have made a product that works for you. Absolutely try the Ice Melon! We actually just did some flavor tweaking on this today, and actually came up with a third flavor.

As always, there’s still plenty of room for improvement, but we’re glad to have put out a sleep and relaxation product that delivers so consistently.


ahh one thing I failed to mention, I appreciate the lengthy write ups and videos on each supp you guys have. Not too often you see that these days, hell some don’t even show their ingredient profile LOL. Glad I tried this and you guys lurked here on PP so I could be aware of your line. I will def try Ice melon and curious what that third flavor will be :slight_smile: Glad to have a new supp company on my radar!

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Tried the Ice Melon flavor the last couple of nights, and oh yeah this one tastes amazing! I am a big fan of this over the Grape, which I would have never thought so. It is a nice refreshing watermelon flavor, pretty much nailed a watermelon cooler type flavor. I enjoy this flavor, so if you are wanting to try Sedative out, I suggest this flavor for sure.

@Joey_Savage anything in the pipeline or future for more flavors for Sedative? Just curious…nice work on this one!

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We have a couple things in the works. The hardest part is narrowing it down to what will actually make it to market.

Probably a multi-flavor drop sometime in the next couple months.


Mignight Cherry.

V2 is called “Tranquility” to be less “claimy”.

2 new ingredients…maybe 3.

Dosage increases? Yes please.

@Extrabeef do you concur?


ohhhhh that sounds like an amazing flavor, I do really love Ice Melon!! So new name and modified formula eh… I love it as it is, so I hope it just gets better from here :slight_smile:

Stop scaring the kids with your aggressive claimy names

Concur. Slept through night, like the dead.

Don’t mix with weird substances.

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