DaSlaya Reviews Proven EAA by Gaspari

Why I chose this
I love to drink my BCAA/EAAs intra workout and this was one of Gaspari’s new releases on their Proven Line, so wanted to give it a shot. The older I get the more I realize that I like BCAA/EAAs combined with hydration elements for the all around perfect intra workout supplement. I ran one tub of each flavor for the last couple months, so let us see how it shaped up.


Fairly transparent profile here as you can see each of the prop blends list out each dosage, with the exception of the Electrolyte Blend which is fine by me. I like that this product uses the Instant Vegan Fermented BCAAs, since I have learned over the years if they are not calling out the source of BCAA you should be skeptical as it may be animal hair or something cheap. So overall you get 6g BCAA, 3g EAA, and 600mg Electrolytes. The calorie count is minimal and should easily fit into anyone’s diet.

Taste / Dosing
Dosing - I took one scoop Intra workout on workout days, and 1 scoop on rest days. Easy.

Taste - So I tried both Blueberry Acai and Guava Nectarine. I assumed I would like the blueberry better but surprisingly I enjoyed the Guava Nectarine more. Both flavors are not sweet at all and taste great. I did enjoy both the flavors and they were distinctly different, so honestly you can’t go wrong with either. However, if you are torn on which to try first I recommend the Guava Nectarine.

The things I look for in an Intra workout supp are recovery and hydration aids. Recovery wise this did a nice job, granted mostly my diet is on point and that does help, but I never once had a serious case of DOMS where I could not workout again during this run. Now, this could be a placebo, but I swear I can tell the difference between difference BCAA/EAA intra workout supplements.

Hydration wise this did an okay job. This did give me some nice hydration but not the best I ever had. I would feel it more on rest days taking this than on training days.

Currently you can pick this up from Muscle & Strength on a BOGO for $32.99 which is a pretty damn phenomenal deal. SO if you are on the fence this is a great time to snag both flavors for the price of one. Otherwise Gaspari itself is having a 35% off fathers day sale right now using code Fathersday.

Final Thoughts
Overall I really enjoyed my run on this. I would put this in my Top 3 intra workouts easily, and I am excited to see if more flavors get released. While this may not have the top spot in my personal world, it is up there and definitely worth a try. This gets the DaSlaya stamp of approval!!


Thank you for the detailed review!


I’ve yet to try this product - but I didn’t realize it was vegan fermented. I appreciate co dining amino acids that aren’t extracted from human hair.

Which flavor do I role with?


go to muscle n strength and snag the BOGO Free…try em both… if one i say Guava Nectraine!


Guava is the choice IMO. Nice review Chris.


Appreciate your well done review! Proven EAAs is a product I’m so glad that we came out with.


Good review, the guava flavor is so so good imo, one of the best amino flavors I’ve had.


Thanks everyone. Glad this review got some conversation going. Most of mine don’t lol… Pretty awesome we all agree the guava is the best. Like I said I wanted blueberry to be amazing but after guava I was like well… Sorry blueberry lol.


I actually preferred the blueberry but both were solid flavors


Hello @DaSlaya as i read whats your 3 intra workout supplements do you recommend?

Waiting for your feedbaxk