DaSlaya reviews Leg Day by Nutrabio

Did not intend for this to be this lengthy so here is the bottom line:

Ingredients - All great additions to this, no fillers, no BS

Taste - The Blueberry Lemonade is great, did not try Iced Tea, cause well I do not like Iced Tea

Effectiveness - One of my favorite Intra’s with the addition of Carbs. Kept me going through my long workouts, and only took this on the big long days.

Price - Yes this is expensive, but in my opinion once you factor in effectiveness its worth it. All depends on your budget and price point liking!! This is not an everyday intra product, rather one that is used when you need it!

Great job on this one @NutraBio More flavors please!! @Kon_Rock

Also let me know if the link works, I can only see like a broken picture icon, but it works


Link worked and interestingly enough I’m drinking Sweet Tea (the real deal not the supplement) while reading/watching this…