DaSlaya Reviews Ghost Hot Cocoa


Overall I have drank this protein mix with cold water and in this video Hot Water. The cold water tastes just like a cold swiss miss packet and the hot water does not dissapoint as it tastes just like Hot Cocoa. The mixability was amazing, it took about a minute after mixing the hot water for it to really dissolve and some good stirring but it got blended up real nice. Thick at first and then it comes out to a perfect liquid form with no weird rubbery type situation you would find in normal Whey Protein thanks to the Pro Thermal Protein. Very good!


Solid review as expected and glad you really enjoy the product. it seems to be the winner of the two seasonal whey flavors.
Its crazy how fast it sold upon launch and when it was brought back for the BOGO50 sale on the 27th.
Salvage that tub! haha


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