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Genius Mindfulness - The Genius Brand

Why I chose this
For the last 18 months or so I have been a big fan of taking Ashwagandha daily as I found it truly does alleviate stress and keeps me in a decent mood all day. After having success with Nutrabio and SNS’s versions I decided to branch out a bit and try out some other brands’ version. That is when I noticed Genius Mindfulness and decided to see if Genius can bring the same results I am used too. I ran this from June - July 2020, I was just slow in getting this review up.


There are only three ingredients here. The most important to me is the Sensoril version of Ashwagandha. Each dose nets you 250mg, which to me works since I have had that dose in the past with success. The exact dosage you need is not clear as of now, but I am fine with anywhere from 250-500mg daily. Neurofactor I am not too familiar with, but it is there for overall brain health. The definition does state is increases levels of a key neuroprotein (BDNF) which is vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking. The dosage here seems fine to me, as in studies done with this 100mg was used. Finally, AuroraBlue which is another new ingredient to me. It is supposed to aid in mood and is basically a combination of different berries.

Overall, the ingredients are simple and straightforward to me, so no issues here.

I took 1 capsule (1 serving) for breakfast each day. I would say if you wanted/needed more Ashwagandha you can take 1 dose in the morning and maybe 1 dose at night, but there was no need for me.

So this was interesting. Typically if I stay on Ashwagandha, whether I hop from SNS to NB or back I would reap the benefits unless I missed a few days. I normally feel a very subtle calm feeling throughout my day. Here the first two weeks I felt that and just the same as if I were to take just Ashwagandha whether it be Sensoril or KSM-66. However, the last two weeks this product really shined for me. It put me in this amazing mood and I felt even calmer and just relaxed, more so than I am used to. There really is not much else to say on it, other than I felt great and calm, and of the three Ashwagandha products (counting this one), this put me in the best mood overall. So the benefits I felt were the stress relief, calm, and a mood boost. So yeah, pretty happy with the last two weeks on this and I imagine if I ran this for a few months it would be a great feeling. Makes me think this product is designed more long term versus short term, which makes sense since Ashwagandha has become a daily staple for me.

Like a lot of Genius products this is a little pricey compared to the competition. One month supply (1 pill a day) will net you around $39.99 from Amazon or the Vitamin Shoppe which comes out to $1.33 a day. Once I factor in the quality of the last two weeks on this it is okay, but I still have to say that the price is a bit steep for Ashwagandha and something you need to keep in your daily regiment. I have no buyers remorse, and honestly I am glad I bought it and ran it.

Final Thoughts
Overall, I was happy with Genius Mindfulness. I just loved being so relaxed and calm the last 2 weeks on this, it really amazed me. If you can snag this up on a sale, or if this is within your price or comfort range then I highly suggest you give it a shot, at least one bottle. I think it will surprise you and you will have some good results like I did. This gets the DaSlaya approval of recommendation, even with a steeper price tag. Personally would love to see this cheaper for a long term solution.
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Thank you for your thoughts Chris!


Interesting product…thank you for posting.

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