DaSlaya Reviews Eighty:20 by Build Fast Formula

Eighty:20 - Build Fast Formula

Why I chose this
I like to keep a high protein diet and I use protein powder to help supplement it throughout my day. Mind you, I use this as a supplement to my diet, not as a meal replacement or anything crazy like that. I became a fan of Build Fast Formula (BFF) about two and a half years ago when I won Vasoblitz in a contest on Anabolic Minds to run and log. Well, I was super impressed by that product, and then FullBlitz came out and again I was blown away. When I saw BFF release protein, I knew it would be good, so I had to try it out. And I am glad I did. BFF is a top tier company that takes their time in releasing products and they are doing it right. Let us continue…


This is a blended protein that contains 80% Micellar Casein, and 20% Whey Protein Concentrate. 1 serving nets you some decent macros in my eyes that can fit any diet. I also appreciate the low sodium content, as that is one thing I watch closely in my diet (Thanks old age). Not much else to say on this, fairly clean and good in my eyes. No weird ingredients to catch you off guard. Also, no amino fillers or whey peptides, so no worries on Amino Spiking here (if that is still a thing). One thing I do like a lot on the BFF web page for this is they state the following “Eighty:20 is supported by unbiased published scientific data. We encourage everyone to research our claims before purchasing. We believe an educated consumer is a long-term consumer.”

Taste / Dosing / Mixability / Packaging
Dosing - This varies from day to day for me. I sometimes take a shake with a meal, if there is not enough protein, but I typically use shakes for a snack in the afternoon with a PB&J. But I would take at least one scoop of this daily. I also take protein at bed time, as it keeps me full and I don’t wake up starving. Whether its bro science or not, Protein at bed time for me really helps to curb any weird snack cravings and it does seem to keep my metabolism moving. I tend to not put on unnecessary weight when doing this.

Taste - There are only two flavors so far, and I got both. Typically I enjoy a Vanilla based flavor, but this caught me off guard as the Chocolate Lava Cake is amazing. Both flavors are great, and you cannot go wrong with either one, but I would rank them this way

  1. Chocolate Lava Cake - Great light chocolate base without being too sweet.
  2. Vanilla Ice Cream - Great vanilla base, not quite ice cream, but has an amazing aftertaste.

Hopefully more flavors will come out over time, because the standard has been set high for these thus far.

Mixability - This mixed extremely well. I really did not think it would since Casein tends to be thicker. Honestly, this mixed up just as well as an Whey Protein Isolate would. After a few shakes some minor foaming, but no issues. No weird residue left on the bottom either. Well done in this department.

Packaging - Like most of us I do prefer proteins in a tub. I have had protein come in a bag before and those bags tend to not seal right over time. I was skeptical at first at seeing this in a bag, but I had absolutely NO issues with it. It always sealed and if I needed to travel it would save some space in my bag. No bag malfunction or spillage.

Well this is where I tell you I put on 20 pounds of muscle in 30 days right? Of course not. I review my proteins based off taste (see above), digestion, and if it kept me full enough to my next meal.

Digestion - Some Casein proteins I have taken tend to sit in my stomach like a rock, and makes me feel a little bloated. Not this one. Granted it is 80% Casein not 100%, but it still makes up the majority of the protein. This digested very well for me, and the mixture never made me feel bloated or upset my stomach. As well, some Whey Protein Concentrates would do the same, but no problems here either. It truly was just an enjoyable shake with no issues.

Fullness - The biggest gap I have in my daily feeding is between lunch and dinner. I have a shake and a PB&J at around 330pm with hopes I stay fairly content until I eat dinner around 6pm. Eighty:20 did a nice job at aiding in that fullness feeling and with the slow moving Casein it became just about the best protein to take for that time gap. I have had plenty of shakes that would barely tide me over for 45 minutes, so this was a nice change of pace. At bed time this would work well for me and I would not wake up starving.

BFF tends to always run sales, so you just have to look for them. At the time of this writing you can grab 3 bags of this (25 servings each) for $79.99 (before shipping). That comes out to roughly $26.66 USD per bag or $1.07 per serving. Yes I realize there are cheaper options out there, but if you have read any of my review you know I factor in quality as well. To me this is high quality stuff that has been well formulated and thought out. Definitely worth the price on a sale! You can always get a discount from @TheSolution using BOB15 (Don’t be the guy that doesn’t use it). A1 supplements also has this for $29.95 per bag, so you can always find a discount somewhere. Easily worth it and you will not have buyers remorse.

Final Thoughts
Ultimately, I had a great run on this, and this did aid in my daily protein intake. Looking back at it now, I think this is the best option for me to take at night or may late afternoon snack. Post workout I tend to just eat breakfast so it is a non issue there. If you are in the market for a Great Tasting protein that won’t cause any stomach issues or discomfort then look no further at this one. Honestly, if you have not tried it at this point you are missing out, it is worth the run and this ranks high on my list of top proteins. This is on the DaSlaya HIGHLY recommend list. Another solid product from BFF and I look forward to the company continuing on as they are a great addition to this flooded supplement market. Don’t forget to always hit up Bob @TheSolution for a deal on this.


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Blends are always superior for ANYTIME of the day for multiple reasons

Improve Lean Body Mass

Better Muscle Growth:

Higher Rate of Muscle Protein Synthesis

Increase Muscle Protein Synthesis

The combination of micellar casein and whey stimulates muscle protein synthesis (MPS) for six hours, inhibits muscle protein breakdown (MPB), and has been scientifically proven to have greater nitrogen retention than whey or micellar casein alone.

If you can stomach them I always advise it.
Be on the lookout for Chocolate PB coming soon!

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Huge huge fan of this protein…drinking the chocolate lava cake right now


I believe some Dr named Jim said that years ago, no? :thinking: :joy:


Dr. Seuss right?


No disagreement here – nice review!.

Cannot wait for the Chocolate PB :smile: