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DTN8 - Gaspari

Why I chose this
This was given to me to try thanks to @Dougefresh93 for inviting me to be part of the Dragon’s Den. I have tried a few fat burners in the past during my SR days and have had mixed experiences with them. So without further ado, lets get this started…

Ingredients / Dosing

When I first read the ingredient profile the biggest thing that stood out to me was the addition of the Stress and Cortisol ingredients. Now the dosage of Ashwagandha is low to be used as a stand alone, but if you are like me and include it in your daily regimen anyways then this is an excellent addition.

As far as the Super Energy and Thermo Blend ingredients go, I really like that Huperzia is in there as I am a big fan and typically have great results on it. Also this dosage and extract of Grains of Paradise did not jack my stomach up as I have experienced in the past. I like to see Capsicum in here as well, since the fat burners I have taken in the past that worked almost all had Capsicum.

So yeah, nice ingredient profile and think this is more of a daily fat burner / stress relief product, which at least makes it stand apart in a crowded market.

Dosing - I just jumped in on this one and started with 2 pills first thing upon waking up each morning. I would recommend starting with 1 pill in the morning and then another in the afternoon, to test tolerance, but I had no issues taking the 2 pills first thing. 95% of the product I took first thing in the morning and as a PWO, with the exception of a couple times taking it early afternoon as a pick me up. Nice part with this is you can play with it to how you like it and whatever best fits your lifestyle.

Now the important part. As you know I did start a weekly log on this to show how this product performed as I went along. So I will break it down here:

Week 1: The first week on this had the most impact for me. My diet was normal and consistent, my workouts were 5 days a week as usual and basically all was normal. I managed to gain 1 pound on the scale but at the same time i did drop 1 inch of Visceral (belly) fat, so good first week. As I always say the scale does not tell the whole story and honestly the numbers are mostly meaningless.

Week 2 - Completion: Unfortunately my work as a contractor got super busy (not unfortunate for my wallet) so I spent the rest of the time on the road and living out of hotels. My diet got poor and inconsistent and my workouts were sporadic at best. I also had the stress of taking 7 different flights and constant moving around. However, I did take weekly measurements (no weight since i had no consistent scale) and found each week that I maintained where I was after week 1, which I think is a victory for DTN8. There is no way I should have gained fat in this time, so I was actually impressed.

Obviously this is not a magic pill and as you can see from the results that with proper diet, exercise etc… you will see some results. My friend tried this and had similar results after her first week, she gained half a pound but lost some fat as well. If this was a magic pill then I would have dropped fat while eating poorly and not exercising haha. I was very happy with this run!

As far as the thermogenic properties go this would warm me up slightly, but not make me sweat sitting still which is nice. Your mileage may vary on this one, but I felt it working without it being overwhelming.

One final note, the energy felt clean to me, it never gave me the jitters at a full dose and no weird crash. It worked fine as a PWO and I would stack this with a Pump product for even more fun. It worked great, and was one of the first fat burners that felt like good clean energy. That to me is the biggest point of DTN8.

There are constant sales with Gaspari, and if you are looking for one please hit me up or @TheSolution, @GaspariDan, or @Dougefresh93. We will get you the best deal we can. Right now you can snag DTN8 for $30.99 from Natural Body or $31.99 from Gaspari themselves. That is about a dollar a day, since you get 30 days out of a box, so honestly I think that is a pretty darn good deal when you factor in effectiveness.

Final Thoughts
I do not take fat burners much, but honestly DTN8 is one I would take again in a heartbeat. I will find a time where I can be home for the month and achieve even greater results. Big thank you to the Dragon’s Den for this run, I truly enjoyed it and this gets the DaSlaya Stamp of Approval and is Highly recommended should you be in the market for a fat burner. Thank you for reading if you managed to make it this far.

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Good review! I’m no huge fan of thermos myself, but it sounds like it worked pretty darn good for you to drop an inch and keep it off while life got hectic.


Thank you… yeah honestly I was surprised! even my last week i measured like 4 times, I was like this can’t be right LOL. Hey it is what it is…worked well.

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Good stuff, Chris. :facepunch:t2:I’ve appreciated your updates in the Den on DTN8 and these thoughts are solid. Sounds about right to me!

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