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Core Nutritionals ZZZ

Why I chose this
I always like to keep a good Sleep aid on hand. Core ZZZ was recommended here by a member on PP, and I found a deal at Tiger Fitness, so I decided to give it a whirl.


There was a recent article on Stack3d that showed some minor changes to the ingredient label, so understand this review is based off this current label. Fairly straight forward profile for a sleep aid, and no Melatonin which I typically prefer for a sleep aid.

I took one scoop half hour before bed on nights before I would work out only. This way I would not build up a tolerance to Phenibut. The directions state to not take this for more than 5 days in a row, for the same reasons.


Mixability was fine. After the initial shaking it would foam up a bit (see pic above), but not enough to bother me. I would shake it and drink it with no issues and would not get a mouthful of foam. No left over residue or anything like that once the drink was done. I used a Battle Shaker (pictured in beginning) for mixability.

Knockout Punch: This was delightful. It really tasted like Hawaiian Fruit Punch to me, so a nice classic drink taste from my child hood. I enjoyed every drink of this, and this was one of the best tasting drinks I have had for a Sleep aid.

Overall this worked really well for me. The first 3 weeks on this I slept great and would get around 7-8 hours of sleep a night which is amazing for me. For whatever reason the very last week on this I did not sleep nearly as well. I am not sure if my body adapted to this or what, but I would struggle to get 5-6 hours of sleep, which I can do on my own without a sleep aid. I couldn’t really pin point the reasons here, but I do have a lot of stress going on with my upcoming move across the country, so I have no doubt that played a factor. However, my last 2 doses on this I slept fine and around 6-7 hours. I chalk up the last week of life stress.

Getting to sleep: About a half hour after taking this my body would start to feel relaxed and I would get in that nice groggy state and ready to go to sleep. There were a few times where I stayed awake due to the dog or wife needing something, so it does not knock you out, but you definitely get that tired feeling.

Staying Asleep: Outside of the occasional noise or bathroom run to wake me up, this would keep me asleep for the majority of the night. Without sleep aids I find every little sound to be distracting, this helped keep me asleep from the little things which was nice.

Waking Up: No Sleep hangover with this at all. I would wake up feeling pretty good during those first 3 weeks, and ready to get to the gym and conquer the day. Nice feeling.

I ended up snagging this from Tiger Fitness for $31.99 for 20 servings which is an okay deal, but you are getting a quality product. It appears to run for $39.99 as of now, but you can get it via PP from DPS Nutrition for $35.99. I would pay that much for another tub of this in the future with no regrets.

This was the first product I have tried from Core Nutritionals, but I have seen them around on review sites here and there. I will definitely be looking into their other products as this one really impressed me. This goes on my list as my #2 favorite sleep aid of all time, well done guys!


I appreciate the lack of melatonin which gave me headaches. Good review. Those guys do have some good supplements


Thanks my fellow Steeler! Yeah I typicaly do not like Melatonin included, but small doses (under 5mg) doesn’t bother me.


What’s special about the battle shaker? I haven’t seen those yet.

Nothing, just a gimmick I really enjoy. Price Plow said they are the official shaker of PP, so I ordered some to check em out, and love them! I just include them for the hell of it and to show what I am basing my mixability off of.

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