DaSlaya Logs DTN8 by Gaspari

Thanks to the Dragon’s Den program, I now get to run DTN8 by Gaspari. I will log this in as I see fit, at least weekly during this run. Unfortunately with some travel coming up, I will not exactly have a consistent weigh in with same scale, time etc… weekly, but I will do the best I can to work with what I got.

Label Claims

  • Explosive Energy
  • Extreme Fat Burning
  • Stimulate Fat Loss
  • Laser Mental Focus
  • Adrenal and Stress Support

What I Expect

  • Maintain or even lose a few pounds
  • Drop some belly fat (hopefully)
  • Focus, adrenal, and stress support is a bonus here

What I will do on this run

  • Use as a PWO on training days in conjunction with a Non-Stim Pump product
  • Use a morning pick me up in lieu of Coffee on rest days
  • Take same time every day (on wake-up)
  • Will weigh in and measure belly using tailor tape every Sunday morning on wake-up
  • Maintain consistent diet as usual (I am not cutting/bulking, but always recomping)

Initial Reaction
First, I think the ingredient profile is pretty awesome. When I heard we were getting this to try out, Igot excited about it, which never happens to me on a fat burner. I have taken a few in the past, but I really do not put much stock in them. I do like the addition of Huperzia, Theanine, Ashwagandha, and 5-HTP. I think that is fairly unique (at least to me) for a fat burner to include some focus ingredients, granted the doses are not as high as you would need but it is a nice addition to the stack I already run.

I took my first dose today on waking (Rest Day), and walked the dog. Once i got back about 30 minutes later, I did feel a minor uptick in energy, and I slowly felt energy as time progressed. It did not give me the jitters or anything, and really felt like clean energy. I also do feel an uptick in focus this morning as I was knocking out my usual routine much more efficiently than I normally would on a rest day. Rest days I typically feel slow moving in the morning since I usually lift first thing. So we are off to a good start. Stay tuned for more. Tomorrow I will post how I feel about using this as a PWO.

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You know I’m in for this! Glad to have you in the Dragon’s Den. Also like to hear that you are experiencing “clean” energy with DTN8. I know some fat burners really make people uncomfortable.


OH yes, I have definitely had some bad experiences in the past with the crazy jitters and feeling like I want to puke on some fat burners. That was the first thing I look for now. Hopefully this run will work out, but you guys are killing it with your new products!


Along for the ride, Gaspari always dropping great stuff!


@DaSlaya been there many times before… cold sweats, nausea and all. DTN8 is definitely key for split-dosing as well, even if just spacing out the 2 pill dose throughout the day.

@stad0203 My man! :facepunch:


@DanielMoo is there a specific dosing you guys recommend? I will try 2 pills in morning for first 2 weeks, then switch over to 1 morning, 1 afternoon if I remember. I am bad at taking pills in the afternoon though LOL.

Took DTN8 with Celluvol as my PWO today. It worked very well. Either the energy this provided helped me crush my workout or I was just in a great mood this morning. So yeah, so far so good on DTN8, had a great workout on it. Now we will see how consistent it stays. I will prob only provide updates weekly here at this point or if something changes,. but off to a great start on Day 2.


I think the actual suggested recommendation for serving is fine (I can’t speak personally since I haven’t received mine yet), but I always opt for less-is-more dosing upon starting a preworkout or a fat burner.

I.E. trying one pill fasted for one day, judging reaction and response, and the upping dose in subsequent days and backing off if you notice full 2 pill serving is a little too much.


Week 1 results
Dosage: 2 pills (1 dose) upon waking daily
Diet: No change
Training: No change, 4-5x a week weight lifting

Interesting results on this one, I did manage to gain 1 pound on the scale, but at the same time I did drop 1 inch of Visceral (belly) fat. So that works for me, since I am never concerned what the scale says typically, but I do like to be between 225-230’ish. So yeah good first week on this. Next week is going to be an interesting one since I will be traveling and eating out and having a rest week from training at the same time to deal with some injuries. I’ll see what the hotel has to offer. Looking good so far!!


Week 2 results
Dosage: 2 pills upon waking daily
Diet:. Terrible, been traveling since last Tues and eating out for all meals.
Training: two workout sessions with weights and one swim in the pool. Rest week

I have no access to a scale so no idea on actual weight but my belly measurement is exactly the same as it was last Sunday. With the change in diet and travel this week I count this as a win to maintain. Two weeks in and I am happy with the results thus far

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Nice stuff so far. I know how hard it is to maintain diet when traveling, like trying to hit a moving target.

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@DanielMoo absolutely right… I know people say its possible, and yeah you don’t have to eat like crap, but I find a happy medium, and most of it is based off the time I actually have, since when I am traveling I am working.

Anyhow, apologies for lack of a week 3 update. I re-took my measurement this morning, and am happy to report that to this point I have maintained that 1 inch that I lost on the gut. So what this says is that with the moving around and constant flights (I have been on 7 in the last month) and hotel living, and poor diet, and non-consistent workouts this does help to maintain what you got. Now if this was the perfect Pill I would be dropping fat left and right still haha, but this is a realistic pill instead. I have a few doses left and you can expect my final review likely on Sunday. It has been a great run, I am happy to say.

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