DADZ Lightning Sticks: An Energy Drink Formulated for Fathers!

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Supercharge your day with DADZ Lightning Sticks! Here on the PricePlow blog, we typically cover the latest protein powders, pre workout supplements, nootropics, and amino acid formulas that enter the market. What do all of these have in common? They are all primarily geared towards optimizing sports performance. However, there… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Most dads are going to fall asleep after taking this! I’d have to take this with half a caffeine tab.

I thought this was a Saturday Night Live skit or an Onion article initially…this is legit huh?

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DADZ sticks to supercharge that Dad bod!


Yea, anything under 150mg wouldn’t make a dent

Agreed, I give my father my Mr. Hyde energy drinks when he has long late car trips

The only thing that seems like it could differentiate it for “dads” would be the maca, which can improve libido. But it works for women too, and non-dads. I guess they’re banking on tired dads needing a libido boost or something? I still don’t know how a nootropic would be “primarily geared towards optimizing sports performance,” (quoted from the article) but that’s another issue entirely haha.

The Maca and nooLVL are dosed well, but the caffeine is pretty low (preference I guess), and the lion’s mane is pretty much unarguably dosed very low.

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Does PricePlow think this is honestly a good product?

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I’m thinking it was posted for informational purposes…

30 days worth of Lepidamax can be found for $18 and this is 20 days worth for $38.

If someone puts a lot of stock into nooLVL, then maybe it could pass as a good product.

Or monetary ones.

If that’s the case then I applaud them.

Considering nooLVL is “just” (not that this is a bad thing) 1.5g Nitrosigine with an extra 100mg inositol IIRC, Swanson sells Nitrosigine at $14 per 30 servings. If you think the extra 100mg inositol makes a big difference, it’s dirt cheap to buy powder/caps for that, like $5 per 100 caps. So you’re looking at $1.12 per serving for those 2 ingredients. And 1/4 of a 200mg caffeine tab will run you $0.03 per serving or so, you’re ~$1.15/serving (as opposed to $1.90), but it’s 8 pills/tabs, which can be sort of a PITA.