Cutler Nutrition COGNITION Nootropic Elevates Jay Cutler's CEO Status

Originally published at: Cutler Nutrition COGNITION Nootropic Elevates Jay Cutler’s CEO Status

Cutler Nutrition’s Cognition is out, and we’ve got the details below! The Cutler Nutrition comeback continues! Last month, in the article linked above, we wrote about Jay Cutler’s renaissance as a CEO, and how he’s been doing everything right now that he’s completely taken over Cutler Nutrition. The 4x Mr.… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Good formula, bit high of a price
I would have suggested cdp choline over agpc since it takes up less space and seems more affordable(plus I just like it more).

Cutlers new stuff in general is pretty good, but he might be spending a bit much in the some areas, mainly having huge nootropic doses in half his stuff.

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Looks like a 15 serving container IMO

Can we discuss the inclusion of caffeine in a nootropic? I understand why to a certain extent but wouldn’t it mask the true effects of the nootropic?

Caffeine is a stimulant
Nootropics enhance focus, mood, and mental clarity, OR prolong caffeine half life in conjunction with caffeine

Adding caffeine is only enhancing the effect. If you want a stimulated nootropic product then you get the best of both worlds. If you want a non-stim then you could just add any nootropic (pill form) to help get the benefits.

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I prefer my nootropics stim free, caffiene is cheap, space is expensive.
Of course I still think making your own is a better option 90% of the time

Thinking about it more,(I would) cut the carnitine and tyrosine, put those in the pre, or some seperate powdered supplement
Switch the AGPC to CDP choline
Bump up the nuerofactor and theobromine, drop the caffeine
Drop it to a one capsule formula.

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I wonder how much the nootropic-effect is truly just the caffeine?

What you mean to say is.
How much is the product enhanced with the stimulant (Caffeine) compared to without.

Very simple way to figure out. Take a non-stim nootropic product for a few days… see what you get out of it. Then add in a caffeine pill and compare and contrast.

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Exactly my point. Thank you.

I figured you meant that
See what happens when you are a legend and take in too much L-Norvaline?


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It’s the residual effects from Ghost Legend yesterday