CreaClear vs PharmaPure monohydrate

CreaClear vs PharmaPure monohydrate

Hey there!

So, 1kg of CreaClear is about $40, while 1kg of Nutrabio’s monohydrate is $21.

Both products have 200 servings.

Is CreaClear worth the extra $?


Don’t waste the extra 20$.


Do you typically have any issues with monohydrate? If not, go NutraBio. If you do, try the other or look into HCL.

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If the lack of dissolving bothers you enough that you would spend 20$ more go for it, if not stick to any creatine monohydrate. Creaclear does require either blending or a good bit of stirring to actually dissolve though.


I got 2 tubs of Creaclear for around $25 last week. I have had 0 issues with it. I like it, but if the price is much higher then get a regular monohydrate and stick to a solid brand (Allmax, Dymatize, Cellucor, Animal)

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