CPBob.com Weekly Deals

CPBob.com Weekly Deals


:moneybag:25% Off All Nutrex Products​:moneybag:
:fire:Outlift ($28) Concentrate ($22.50) Amped ($30)
:fire:Amino Charger + Hydration/Energy ($20.25)
:fire:Lipo 6 ($18.75) RX ($27) Intense ($31.50)
:fire:Amino Drive $16.50
:star:️Order Link: http://team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski
:boom:Coupon Code : Nutrex



Anyone who has CP Select (FREE Shipping for 1 Year)
Will get 30-50% off 50+ Deals

Currently $39.99
CODE: Select10

Benefits of CP Select:

  • If you make 5 orders in a calendar year you breakeven with shipping.
  • Upgraded Expredited Shipping
  • 1 Free Gift/Product after 1 Year
  • Make as many orders as you like in 1 calendar year

June 25th-June 29th

Purchase Link
http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski
** Please forward all your invoices after ordering. **
[email protected]



Biggest sale of the year only for CP Select Customers

CP Select
$39.99 (coupon: Select10)
Or $5/Month

30-50% off for 50+ Deals
Lots of BOGO’s

http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski

A sneak leak at some deals:
30% Off All Energy Drinks

  • Bang $17.50 / Case
  • VPX Meltdown (Keto Bang) - $24.50 / Case
  • Bang Tea Flavors - $42 / 2 Cases (Only Sold as 2 Cases)
  • C4 Energy Drinks - $19.60/Case
  • C4 Ultimate Energy Drinks - $25.20/Case
  • Hyde Power Potion - $18.90/Case
  • Celsius / Celsius Heat - $17/Case

Rule 1 Whey 30% off - 5lb $35
Buy man scorch get Iso Amino Free
Buy fuel get 50% off ON whey

Plus many more !

Just a few


Deals For Select Week:
Start Monday 6/25 - Ends Friday 6/29

You must have CP Select in order to take part in the deals
Best advice pay $5 a month and get CP Select and cancel after 3 months to get in on deals



Amino Acids / BCAA’s:

Protein Snacks -

30% Off All Energy Drinks

Other Promo’s:

Full Promo List:

Coupon Code: SelectOnly & BobKupniewski ($2 Off)

http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski

Please email all invoices to:
[email protected]


New deals for Select Week

Link to Order :
http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski

Buy SinFit Bars get Box of a Cookies Free
$25.99 for Both

50% off ON Whey with Fuel Purchase

Free Sinister Labs Pancake Syrup with pancake Mix Purchase

BOGO Clean Burn - $28

Free condense with muscle marinade - $36

Coupons: BobKupniewski & SelectOnly

You must be signed up for CP select (Free Shipping)
-$5/Month (Cancel after 3 Months)
-$39.99/Year (Code: Select10)


  • Unlimited Free Shipping
  • Free gift after 1 year
  • upgrades expedited shipping

Any questions email me back
[email protected]


Another new Deal for Select Week

Dymatize All 9 aminos 30% Off

Coupon: Select Only

Link to order:

Send all invoices and order # to my email
[email protected]


Purchase Link

** Please forward all your invoices after ordering. **


30% off Dymatize ALL 9 Amino’s (CODE: ALL9)

Buy Nutrex Postlift get FREE Outlift Concentrate (CODE: BobKupniewski)

25% Off ALL Nutrex Research Products: (CODE: Nutrex)

  • Amino Charger + Hydration / Energy - $20.25
  • Outlift Concentrate ($22.50), Outlift ($26.24), Outlift Amped ($30)
  • Lipo 6 Black Ultra ($18.74) , Lipo 6 RX ($27), Lipo 6 Black Intense ($31.50)
    ** These are the top sellers, but is available for ANY product off their line

Purus Labs Essentials Line 20% OFF (CODE: Purus)

  • Purus BCAA - $12
  • CLA - $11.19
  • Glutamine - $15.19
  • L-Arginine - $9.59
  • L-Carnitine - $12
  • Mass Gains - $36
  • Creatine - $8.79

Buy Rule 1 Whey + Free Sinister Labs Nut Butter (CODE: BobKupniewski)

  • $20 Nutbutter for Free added with 2lb or 5lb Protein Purchase

    VPX Meltdown Keto Energy Drinks (CODE: BobKupniewski)

  • Bang but with a KETO Twist

  • 7.5g BHB Salts , 200mg Caffeine , 50mg Theanine (sustained energy and focus)

  • Flavors: Peach Mango, Grape Blade Lemonade, Citrus Twist

BOGO ProSupps Protein Snacks (CODE: BobKupniewski)

  • $24.99 for 24 MyBars’s
  • $19.99 for 24 MyCookie
  • $27.99 for 24 MyBar Pro’s

Coldstone BSN Syntha-6 Protein : (CODE: BobKupniewsk)
$11.99 for a 1lb Tub
$33.99 for 2.59lb Tub
Flavors: German Chocolate Cake, Birthday Cake Remix, Mint Chocolate Chip

BOGO Scivation Quake Pre-Workout (CODE: BobKupniewski)
** 2-20 Scoop Lemon Drop for $27.99 (Only flavor in Stock)
** Non-Caffeinated Version NOT INCLUDED
** Only for Stimulated (Caffeine) Version

C4 Ultimate Carbonated Cans 20% Off: (CODE: Ultimate)

  • C4 Ultimate now into energy drinks carrying over a similar formula
  • Flavors: Snow Cone & Tropical Punc

20% off Hyde Power Potion & C4 Carbonated Energy Drinks – Extended –
Hyde Power Potion – $21.60/Case or $1.44/Can (CODE: Power20)
C4 Carbonated Energy Drinks – $22.40 or $1.86/Can (CODE: C4Energy)

  • If you are looking for overall energy/focus with a sweeter taste – Hyde
  • If you are looking for a well rounded, great tasting, and moderate stim – C4
  • If you are looking for a strong carbonated and good tasting energy drink – Bang


  • Munchies Stack – $11.99 (5 Protein Snacks ((Bars, Cookies, and Cake Bites))
  • Can Can Stack - $46.99 (Hyde + C4 Energy Drinks) - $1.74/Can
  • Bang Bang Stack - $42.99 (2 Cases of Bang) - $1.79/Can
  • Bang + Celsius Stack - $37.99 (1 Case Bang + Celsius) - $1.55/Can

Top Sellers:

  • SinFit Cookies ($21.99)
  • SinFit Bars ($25.99)
  • Quest Chips ($15.99)
  • Xtend Perform ($25)
  • Fruity Cereal Cake Bites ($22.99)

Coupon Codes:
ALL9 = 30% off Dymatize All 9 Amino’s
BobKupniewski = $2 off Any order or Stack (Good Forever)
C4Energy = 20% off Cellucor Carboanted Energy Drinks
Power20 = 20% Off Hyde Power Potion Energy Drinks
Ultimate = 20% off C4 Ultimate Carbonated Energy Drinks

**- 10% off Coupon’s (FIRST COME FIRST SERVE)
** You will use this code at Checkout (I cannot apply it)

  • Please Email Invoice & Order # After Order
  • Must be $50 Minimum Purchase
    CODE: Birds2913251

New Items Coming:

  1. Iso-Amino Banana Runts Flavor
  • Man Iso-Amino’s Newest Flavor
  1. Hyde Power Potion Sinister Citrus
  • This is a knock off of an orange, citrus-based flavor.
  1. C4 Sport Line
  • C4 Sport, C4 Ripped, C4 Whey, C4 BCAA
    ** These are all beginner retail store versions of the original products
    ** Cheaper then regular c4, bcaa, and cor whey


Are the stacks mix & match flavors?

For example: Hyde + C4 is only one flavor of Hyde and C4 each? Or a pick’em variety?


You can choose what Flavor Hyde and what flavor c4 for your Cases

Example : winter blast Hyde and blue bombsicle c4 as shown in the picture

No online retailer does variety packs of energy drinks besides vpx direct for bang and same with Merica Labz Direct


18% off entire site (stacks excluded)

Coupon code: 1776

Order Link:
http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski

Please forward all invoices and order #’s to:
[email protected]

Updated top sellers with price reductions

Top Sellers with Price Changes:

BOGO Scivation Quake Pre-Workout (CODE: 1776)
** 2-20 Scoop Lemon Drop for $24.60

BOGO ProSupps Protein Snacks (CODE: 1776)

Buy Nutrex Postlift get FREE Outlift Concentrate (CODE: 1776)


18% off Site ends @ Midnight

Link to Order:
http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski

Please forward all invoices & Order #’s to:
[email protected]


:moneybag:New Promo’s This Week​:moneybag:
:boom:20% Off All GAT Supplements

:boom:Protein Of Month Club - $24.99

You Choose —-> Blend or Whey (Includes Isolates)
Pick a flavor —> Vanilla , Choc, CNC, PB, or Surprise me

Once a month you will be sent a random protein based on your selections above

:boom:Scivation Quake 10.0 BOGO - $27.99

:boom:Munchies Stack - $11.99

Choices : Birthday , Chocolate or PB

:boom:SinFit Cookies - $21.99, Sinfit Bars - $25.99

20% Off Energy Drinks

:fire:Coupon Codes: BobKupniewski (All Products/Stacks), GAT20 (GAT), C4Energy (C4 Cans), Ultimate (C4 Ultimate Cans), Power20 (Hyde Power Potion)

:point_right:Order Link: http://team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski

:star:️Please forward all invoice & Order #'s to: [email protected]

—- More Promos coming Friday ——


Giving my props to CP, I ordered something that was out of stock. They reached out to me and gave my different options. Great CS service


You can always email me brother. I will take care of it if there is any issues. That is why I give you my email :slight_smile:

What did you pick up recently?


No worries, they called me, I didn’t have to do much. I’ll keep that in mind for next time though.It was the same order I sent you last week, the sinfit stuff and the mybar.


Just send me your invoice number and what is wrong (and a picture if you have it). I have CS on speed dial man. I am always here to help!
That sinfit bogo deal was HOT!


:moneybag:New Promo’s This Week​:moneybag:
:boom:Cellucor Whey $5 Off

:boom:50% Off ProSupps HydroBCAA

:boom:20% Off All GAT Supplements

:boom:BOGO ProSupps Protein Snacks

:boom:BSN ColdStone Syntha-6 Protein - $11.99

:fire:Coupon Codes: BobKupniewski (All Products/Stacks), COR5 (Cellucor Whey), GAT20 (Gat Supplements)
:point_right:Order Link:
http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski
:star:Please forward all invoice & Order #'s to:
[email protected]


:moneybag:New Promo’s This Week
:boom:$10 Gift Card with C4 Energy Drinks

:boom:$10 Gift Card with C4 Ultimate Energy Drinks

:boom:Quest Maple Waffle Bars now Available

:fire:Coupon Codes: BobKupniewski (All Products/Stacks),

:point_right:Order Link:

:star:️Please forward all invoice & Order #'s to: [email protected]

List of Promo’s


:moneybag:New Promo’s Added
:boom:20% Off Dymatize Iso-100

:boom:Stim Free Cherry Blade Lemonade & Purple Guava Pear Bang Energy Drinks

:boom:C4 + Xtend + Creatine Stack for $37

:boom:Get Ripped or Die Tryin’ Stack - $62.99

New Man Sports Iso amino Cotton Candy

:fire:Coupon Codes: BobKupniewski (All Products/Stacks), ISO100 (Dymatize Iso-100)

:point_right:Order Link: http://team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski

:star:️Please forward all invoice & Order #'s to: [email protected]


I put my Hyde on auto refill. Any way I could continue using the promo code with that?