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CPBob.com Weekly Deals


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Many of you know how much I vouch for ergonine by PES for a daily ergogenic

Daily Ergogenic
Improve Performance (HICA)
Decrease Rest times during training (LCLT / Synerglut)
Improve Strength and Power Output (Betaine)
Glycerol (Pump)
3g of Creatine (Daily amount)
Tastes Good
Cost Effective

We have 19 Units of NANABERRY that are Expired (2/18)

Price will be $9.99 and you can stack my coupon Code: BobKupniewski to get them for $8 a pop. Even though they are expired they will be 100% fine since they have been stored properly. Powders are ok to use past expiration just keep them in a cool, damp place and you will be good to go.

See attached Screen Shots for the $8 pricing.

Purchase Link

** Please forward all your invoices after ordering. **

Coupon Code for Stack & Ergonine:


Ergonine has always been of interest to me…would love to know more - more more about everyone’s experiences with it.


Not a fan of the nanaberry flavor to be honest. It’s average at best


Absolutely love it myself.
I put 1 scoop in 45oz of water and sip on it all day long.
0 issues with it at all.

@SteelerBill13 it is an ergogenic hence the outline above I gave you and what it does.
For the price an absolute steal. Ever since it released I have used it every single day, for the creatine + Added recovery, performance, endurance benefits its a must have IMO . Covers all your essentials + basics.


I used significantly less water, maybe that was the issue.


It is very strongly flavored, you have to adjust accordingly. Same with Blue Frost which was DC’d. Its so damn strong, always use more then suggested.


Thank you both @Msseffect I greatly appreciate it.


That was the exact problem for me, extremely strong flavor. I still have half the tub, will give it a shot with 32oz.


Go up to 40oz to be safe.


Thank you BK


11/19 ergonine’s are sold and going quick.


Purchase Link
http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski

** Please forward all your invoices after ordering. **

20% off Hyde Power Potion & C4 Carbonated Energy Drinks – Extended –

Hyde Power Potion – $21.60/Case or $1.44/Can

C4 Carbonated Energy Drinks – $22.40 or $1.86/Can

PROSUPPS Buy Protein --> get Creatine FREE

NUTREX Amino Drive BOGO50 – Wednesday –

High Volume + FREE Creatine

  • PES’s Non-Stim Pre-Workout comes with a FREE TruCreatine

PES White Chocolate Mint & Strawberry Cheesecake Select (Limited Edition)

Other Good Promo’s:

Hot Items: – All Items after My Coupon –

Coupon Codes:

BobKupniewski = $2 off Any order or Stack (Good Forever)

C4Energy = 20% off Cellucor Carboanted Energy Drinks

Power20 = 20% Off Hyde Power Potion Energy Drinks

New Items Coming:

  1. C4 Carbonated Ultimate Energy Drinks — Wednesday —
  • C4 Ultimate now into energy drinks carrying over a similar formula
  1. PES Select Protein Bars
  • 7-8g Fat, 25-26g Carbs, 19g Protein

  • Chocolate PB or White Chocolate Raspberry Flavor

  1. Quest Tortilla Chips
  • Only 4g of Net Carbs, and 18-19g of Protein

  • Flavors: Nacho Cheese, Ranch,

  1. VPX Meltdown Keto Energy Drinks
  • 7.5g BHB Salts , 200mg Caffeine , 50mg Theanine (sustained energy and focus)
  1. Iso-Amino Banana Runts Flavors
  • Man Iso-Amino’s Newest Flavor


Congrats to everyone who won 8 full sized products the last Two weeks. I am putting in a few personal orders of $150-200 to raffle off in the upcoming weeks1 STAY TUNED!


Please follow me on Instagram (@Bkupniewski & @Cpbobdeals) if you do not already I will be posting deals, promo’s, and coupons as the week goes on.


Quest Tortilla Chips Now Available

$15.99/Box or $2/Bag (8 Bags a Box)

4g net carbs
18-19g Protein

Flavors: Nacho Cheese and Ranch

Coupon Code:

http:// team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski


:moneybag: New Promo’s​:moneybag:
:fire:Buy Fuel + Xtend Ripped FREE ($26 for both)

:fire:Buy Xtend + Super HD Fire FREE ($26 for both)

:fire:Nutrex Amino Drive BOGO50 ($31/60 Servings)

:fire:20% Off Kaged Muscle Hydra-Charge ($19.20/60 Servings)

:star:️Order Link: http://team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski
:boom:Coupon Code : BobKupniewski & CHARGE

:moneybag:Hot Promo’s
20% off Hyde Power Potion — $21.40/Case ($1.44/Can)
Coupon: Power20

20% off C4 Energy Drinks - $22.40/Case ($1.86/Can)
Coupon: C4Energy

SinFit Cookies - $21.99/Box

Quest Chips - $15.99/Box - $2/Bag

Updated Promo List

Coming this week: c4 ultimate cans & PES bars


Hello Everyone,

Purchase Link

** Please forward all your invoices after ordering. **


** Everything is 20% off (STAKCKS EXCLUDED)

n Products Below are top sellers, but this applies to any product and item on the webpage.


Rule 1 Whey Blend - $20.80/2lb, $44.20/5lb, $72/10lb

Cellucor Whey - $24/2lb, $40/5lb

PES Select Whey - $24/2lb, $44/lb

Dymatize Iso-100 - $23/1.6lb, $39/3lb


MAN Iso-Amino - $16

Nutrex Amino Drive - $13.20 (Stacks with BOGO50)

Xtend Perform - $22.20

ProSupps HydroBCAA - $24

Kaged HydraCharge - $19.20/60 Servings


Pre-Kaged: $30

PES High Volume & Prolific - $24

Dymatize Pre + FREE L-Carnitine: $32

Outlift AMPed + Free Product: $32

Protein Snacks:

Quest Chips - $14.40/Case or $1.79/Bag

Sinfit Cookies - $19/Case

Sinfit Bars - $22/Case

Quest/Oh Yeah One Bars - $20/Case

PES Protein Bars - $24/Case

Animal Snak Bars - $21.50/Case

Energy Drinks:
Hyde Power Potion - $21.60/Case ($1.44/Can)

BANG Energy Drinks - $20/Case ($1.66/Can)

C4 Carbonated Energy Drinks - $22.40/Case ($1.84/Can)

Celsius Heat Energy Drinks - $20/Case ($1.66/Can)

Coupon Code:


Any Questions please email me back individually.
[email protected]

New supplement thread

So those prices are good with Coupon Code “GOLDEN,” and then there’s another 20% off for Memorial Day?


Prices above reflect the 20% off coupon “Golden” hence the artwork.


Gotcha, I just wasn’t sure if 20% off was applied sitewide and then stacked with “Golden” on some products. Thanks for the clarification! Great prices!


Correct the 20% is included in everything above, plus whatever other items you want on the site. Golden will take 20% off anything.